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I attend an exercise group three times a week in the morning with other women in my neighborhood. I am a senior citizen who WILL NOT get the vax. But the majority of them are double vaxxed and in the past have been pretty adamant about others should be getting it, too.

I didn't make it last Friday due to a Doctor's appointment so did not get to hear their discussion on Biden's mandated VAX.

Today one of the women who has been the MOST vocal about people getting vaxxed. Happened to say she wasn't going to get the booster.

I would have expected her to be first in line.

I didn't press her for her reasoning...... but I suspect she just MAY be waking up. I certainly hope so. She of all of them was the worst of the lot pushing the VAX.

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HR1 voting bill - nope

Pack the Supreme Court - nope

Statehood for DC and Puerto Rico - nope

Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene from Congress - nope

Close Guantanamo Bay. Didn’t happen, and is now being expanded - LOL

Biden extended Trump’s Executive Order 13848 that was set to expire - WOW!

David Chipman’s appointment to head ATF - nope

Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy reinstated by court

Student loan forgiveness - nope

Debt ceiling raised - nope

Evection moratorium extended - nope

Block Texas abortion bill - nope

Door to door vax pushers - nope

FDA approval for the vax was a bait-n-switch lie - no approval

Stop the Arizona audit - nope

If you think things are getting worse then you're paying attention to the fake news optics. People are waking up in droves, and the tide is rapidly turning.

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"For the loser now will soon be to win..." (Bob Dylan, maybe?)