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I was on the phone with her yesterday and mentioned that in case I could not make medical decisions, she would have to do it for me. One of the things I told her was I was NEVER to get the stab. She was angry and scared that I had not gotten it because everyone else in the family had. Most of them are doctors LOL. I said if you cannot follow my wishes, I will get a new proxy. She said she would honor my wishes. I mentioned something about coming over next week to play scrabble with her since Dad was gone. She loves playing that game and never turns down a chance to play. She said I could not come over because I was unvaccinated. I said, that is ok, I guess we will never see each other again. I can talk to you on the phone though. I said, I will not be coerced into getting the poison. I told her to call me if she changed her mind and said Goodbye. 10 Minutes later she said I could come over if I stayed outside. I said, no thanks. I will not be treated like the dog and cat.

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God bless you.