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Thank you for standing up for what is right Dan.

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My "unawaken" friends literally get angry at me for bringing up that they are looking at the world through "rose colored glasses" and they would actually be happy to remain clueless...all the while calling me crazy...

by Quelle
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Poor souls...

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I thought of that too but the NG does NOT have most of the skill sets needed in the hospitals so it doesn’t pan out.

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My understanding is that the ICIJ is a Soros funded Think Tank in DC...could be Soros throwing his buddies under the bus for a distraction.

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Absolutely cannot wait. .

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The bad side is that this is the deep state’s plan for government healthcare’s “foot in the door” by directing the National Guard to fill the vacant slots...

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I cannot believe any NC resident flip-flopped partys on the down ballot of the 2020 election. Plus, something is highly amiss when Dan Forest did not contest the results and immediately concided the election on elected tion night and hit the road...supporters be damned. NC truly needs an audit!

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