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Why the frick have far left cabalian BBC been allowed to report this now?

Its about the paintings but they are running downnthe allegations of the Burisma.deal and even mentioned the laptop.

Of course they had to get a dig in at Trump children being corrupt too...

EDIT - OMG anchor just admitted we didnt want to report on laptop at the time cos it was coming from Trump but now noise died down the emails seem true!!

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Do not fear. The crazed woman who couldn't stare down a kitten will only do what Biden was doing, parroting what she is told to say.

I'm not confident she will last long at all. The audits which have been done, are in progress, and are about to start prove the fraud. Both of them are fraud, she doesnt get to keep the diamond either.

Really she is just sloppy seconds. Put your faith in God and realize he is in control.

FiatLux 2 points ago +2 / -0

Lol sloppy seconds nice