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I have thought that too. You could almost define a living organism as one which reverses the second law and creates its own order

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He’s clearly jewish and is famous in Hollywood and media what else do you need to know

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“If we continue to hesitate, if we fail to grasp the threat that threatens us all, if we fail to respond by organizing ourselves into a determined and courageous resistance, this infernal regime that is establishing itself everywhere will not be stopped.”

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I did not know that all happened at wingspread. Interesting. Npr is an bunch of soft talking faggots

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I thought it maybe was him in disguise

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A whiner and a closet homo. A chicken hawk - always rooting for a brawl, but never there to throw a punch to help his buddies

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Agreed the boomers fucked everything up. Turned their back on tradition, religion, even our towns and cities. Fled to the suburbs where they could live lives as perpetual children. Paved over the farmland for Walmart. Shipped the jobs overseas. Let the kids become influenced by degenerate culture and rap. Refused to get involved and let the libs take over in politics. And now they all want to flee to florida to escape the mess. Its fucking shameful.

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Of course they say it had no effect on the election results. Sounds like they are investigating whether somebody like cyber ninjas looked at the data afterwards. In other words, crooked Dana needles office is going after the patriots who tried to expose the scam. This seems like bad news tbh

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It’s basically mostly whey protein and powdered milk look at the ingredients list they list them by percentage of composition. All that’s left is some lousy vitamins you can replace with better ones as drops. Forget formula make your own

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