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The headline pretty much says it... but at this point in time, if people are STILL buying into the narrative, they are hopeless and do not deserve the time of day. People who are open to discourse and debate I am 100% fine with. People who are not following any narrative at all are fine as well.

I'm talking about the MSM junkies who are still in the trenches. The ones who believe "Let's Go Brandon!" was actually being chanted. The ones who still wear masks, by themselves, in their cars, or outside, alone, on a hike. Those who think they have the right to tell other people to get the vaccine. Those who insist Biden is a legitimate President. And those who are still obsessed with anti-Trump agenda.

To all of you fucking idiots remaining, the waning MSM audience, the mentally anemic. My patience is officially ended. Gloves are off. You want to push your horseshit narrative with an aggressive and assertive tone? I am going to make you cry like the myopic little bitch you are.

Some of us were at this point a long time ago. Tonight was my breaking point. I was at a funeral in which the ONLY people wearing masks were the family of the deceased. Literally no one else had one on. They used the funeral as a platform to tell others how insensitive it was that they weren't wearing masks and to be sure to get vaccinated/booster shots.

That's absolutely disgusting and shows the extent of their brainwashing...

Furthermore, I have recently noticed that the fucking idiots around my area who still think masks, vaccines, mandates and vaccine coercion are all good things - have taken a more hostile approach. They feel justified in their socially engineered regurgitation.

I am done with it. These fucking clowns have had enough time to wake up. Next time someone steps out of line and tries to "enlighten" me to their Anderson Cooper/Rachel Maddow bullshit line of thinking, I am going to drop searing and unapologetic MOABs of truth. Loudly and obnoxiously. To draw attention towards their moronic claims and virtue signaling bullshit.

Fuck all of this. It's time to get loud. We're obviously the majority.

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I was born and raised in SD. It used to be one of the Red parts of CA and military town. Sad what it has become. I had a great childhood. Moved to FL 9 years ago. Not one regret.

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I lived in Orange County for almost 30 years beginning in the mid 1980's. It is sad to see the demise of Southern California.