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This is great work! Thank you for covering the case and pasting it all here.

My biggest question is: How do we get to the point where all of the individuals involved are being exposed? Held accountable? So far everything is laser focused on Maxwell and Epstein, as if massages with 14 - 18 year olds was the extent of this. You wouldn't need an entire fucking island, a submarine and a private air force for 4 victims + Epstein.

How does the evidence/names/black books/surveillance all make it's way into the spotlight? I feel like all of that gets buried when Maxwell goes to jail and people will memory hole thousands of victims at the hands of the Elite. Who will get away with it, like they do everything.

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Yay! Soon we'll have herd immunity to a viral biome that was no different in 2018, 2019, 2020 or 2021!!! I can't wait!

On a serious note, while we're all safe, those vaccinated are going to drop like flies when the flu hits. I wish them luck with their synthetic immune systems, ADE and spike protein factories (bodies).

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RIP Voat... I can't even begin to imagine how much the BTC I contributed is worth now.

Oh well, NO REGERTS!

SoSpricyHotDog - Reporting for Duty!

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I'm hoping you're wrong... and that this platform is absolutely massive.

What could drive audiences other than uncensored real news and video? No one else will be brave enough to cover it in real time. Needs to be decentralized.

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This guy!

Crypto gains have afforded me 2 safes worth of precious metals and a healthy investment into GME/DWAC/AMC as a fiat geyser/moonshot opportunity.

I still buy the dips when I can. Then flip the dip into shit I can trust (or at least have faith in it going to the moon)

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My willingness to rub this in people's faces has nothing to do with what I am doing to help the cause offline in productive ways.

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Similar to Bannon stirring up the MSM to side with him re: transparency... and the cases pushing into discovery (potentially) w/ Dominion... almost like a bait n switch, get them to beg for something they really won't want when it is made public. Then watch them scramble.

[Trump's Ukranian call transcript & Tax Return model]

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This line of thinking came from those of us who thought (incorrectly and naively in hindsight) that the Great Awakening was coming in 2020... I assumed Trump's 2nd Presidency was when the gloves came off. And those shocked by the truth would legitimately need our help.

Those who remain asleep, smug, screaming on their soapboxes and ruining the planet? They can all eat shit now.

They will probably die from their 4th vaxx anyway, so, it may all be moot.

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Just stop. I am tired of the "real" news making Babylon Bee seem objective and accurate.

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Yep... would be interesting if someone could find their psychologists. I've seen reports that almost all of these shooters are on the same pharmaceutical cocktails. And Q has suggested that their mental health "professionals" move locations and change identities after any coordinated event.

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How does one follow on Twitter?

How hasn't everyone been banned by now? Lol.

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