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Someone "Air Vaxxes" me or my family, I will end them and their entire bloodline.

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I'm pretty sure if Trump is convinced he can get CA in the Red, TX is not an issue... lol, from my POV? When he said that, he was clearly taking a swipe at Newsom, while simultaneously/softly reinforcing the notion that the election fraud racket will be prevented in 2024 (just as it was in 2016... and they allowed it to happen in 2020)

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I just changed the way I presented the information - instead of trying to convince people of the conspiracies and damages caused by the rogue US Gov/Deep State, I state those as facts. Because they are.

And my energy with others is focused on getting them excited about what is coming, and how it's no longer an option on whether or not these criminals can/should be held to account - but that THEY MUST BE. There is no other option here.

And then focus on speaking about how great everything can be afterwards.

Takes the negativity out of it entirely. Over the past year I've even had 2-3 random red pilling experiences break down in tears, tears of joy, because they said that everything else they hear is pure doom & gloom (from the MSM, and from Left/Right hiveminds)

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Excuse me! Whatever Mod is CHANGING MY FLAIR TAGS?!?!

Please... continue doing this. It's fucking hilarious and I've loved them all.

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That's just part of their culture now bigot! You are racist if you refuse to be raped or murdered.

Unless you are trans. Then you are a victim and we'll classify the assailant as Caucasian.


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Open the Vatican up and flood it with immigrants from the Middle East & Africa.

It'd be 10 minutes before he's doing a press conference like the Sanctuary City morons in NY/CA, begging for it to stop.

Fucking hypocritical worthless sacks of absolute shit.

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Let's give context where it's due. If we start blasting celebrities based on things they did 3, 4, 5+ years ago - we're ruling out the possibility of them having Awakened.

That's the purpose of all of this after all.

It's silly for us to "cancel" someone and turn our backs if there's a chance they are legitimately Awakened now.

Do I suggest blind trust? No. But, the benefit of doubt, yes.

I think Russell is on our side. As reinforced by their recent attempt to take him out/censor him/slander him.

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The schools would just be made into torture chambers, satanic temples, and ovens - with a dining area for the elites out front.

Probably not a great plan.

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I followed your lead on this too - HODLING bigly. I feel like my financial future is hedged completely against the Elites. If anything breaks (DWAC, GME, AMC, Silver, Crypto, or just the economy in general), I'm set for life.

Best wishes to your retirement old fren.

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Mainly because the whole GME/AMC thing has jumped the shark... there's no more research to do, it's straight up blatant criminal activity occurring instantly and on a daily basis. We already won.

Also, Reddit is prepping for their IPO and infiltrated /Superstonk , /AMC, /Silver subs pretty significantly.

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The amount of money Evergrande is tied to is massive... remember, Globalists trade and deal with assets/liabilities on a global scale. Evergrande may not be THE domino to kick off the chain reaction we've come to expect... but it's certainly a big one.

Rumors swirling of another real estate giant worth nearly half a trillion defaulting on everything, not sure the name of the company was released yet, but buckle up.

In the meantime, stack silver and DRS GME!

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