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Don’t really know what he has the power to do Edit Thx for the sticky. Have been wondering about corrupt judges etc

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So more simply put, If Durham's work (and Constitution) is ignored by the judges and politicians, the military have carte blanche to act?

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Not quite. I think a better way of putting it is that this whole thing with devo and the LoW needs to be done because Durham's work will be ignored by the courts and politicians.

Below is my theory.

The allowing of the stolen election, etc was to create the legal justification for the military to remove the current government and arrest all who aided and abetted the CCP's crimes against the US. These people will be tried for treason at the same time that Durham's indictments are being tried in military tribunals or FEMA courts, due to civilian courts being incapacitated by countless corrupt judges being arrested, as well as by what I have taken to calling the Precipice Event (in my opinion, an attempted nuclear attack on the US). In doing so, you avoid years worth of legal bullshit and get quick and decisive verdicts, and you clear out the government at every level to be filled in with patriots in future elections.