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Yea that x22 report was an eye opener. Wonder if we need to enforce the communist control act to end that shit. Larry Fink is the most dangerous man in America and flies under the radar.

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Can’t live in the “how” but know that it already happened.

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I’ve been doing it nightly since Oct with some really interesting results. Haven’t astral projected yet. It felt my spirit float out and back in. In one exercise i asked if my mother who passed is ok. 24 hours after she passed a few months before I was doing the exercises we saw a double rainbow over the house. After I asked the void if she’s ok spectral rainbows danced in my eyes.

Mastering the spiritual is important in what we are doing here as flesh and bone. Need to be able to handle ourselves up there in my opinion



Extra Hemisync material https://mega.nz/folder/Iug2BJJQ#lvv4Gh8YxPLYLt_8kNqz2g

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I’m buying gold/silver and Bitcoin. Also driving really slow on the main road to the highway in the morning hours

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My poor mother didn’t want to take it and didn’t trust it. Then a neighbors 6 month old got really sick with something and hospitalized and she decided to get the shot. I wish I put my foot down and told her not to but wanted to be ok with her decision because I don’t make waves. A year later she got turbo cancer and died in 6 weeks. I’m praying there is some sort of esoteric time travel or something to reverse all of this mess. All she wanted was to be with her grandkids and now she can’t. Rest In Peace mom.

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At work and can’t participate. Can someone ask spiritual and religious related questions? What happens when we die? Is there an afterlife? Is astral projection real? Where is the ark of the covenant? Did Jesus really exist and was he the Son of God? Can we Reality Shift with our minds and reverse all the recent evil?

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