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The gross instagram pictures are what needs shared with pgate. Easy for them to say “hillary Clinton ran a child trafficking ring in a pizzashop basement lmao”

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A big eye opener for me was the New Years rapes in Europe a few years back. Not talked about much and I realized what else wasn’t being reported

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Expert on commies and leftism. Can’t see this is a commie take over

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Just like the catch phrase. Easy on the tension there. Dave is great

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There was a jumper off the balcony of a phish show a few weeks back. Guy landed on his head. Another person fell off the balcony at the same show but survived

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He has a pretty good special just after the 2016 election that gave me a bit of hope. He went to a family in Ohio and it was pretty good and I was hoping the dems would learn from their mistakes and pivot like Vang Jones seemed to want. They threw gasoline on the fire instead

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She’s like a year younger than me but looks mid 50s

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Democracy Dies In Darkness

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Any school that teaches crt should have no white janitors, cafeteria workers, subs or bus drivers.

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