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No, he has to live long enough to see a tribunal.

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I sometimes watch the Young Turks for narrative recon/comedy value. They actually think these clowns are legit.

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No, Qagg is just an aggregator for searching drops and the like. GAW is still the go to place for discussion of Q.

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How did Bukele get into power in a country run by MS13? Didn't Q mention MS13 being a major priority to eliminate?

"Was the election supposed to be rigged? Did good people prevent the rigging?"

Also, homeboy is super pro-bitcoin, just fyi.

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Sorry to keep you waiting. Here's a rundown as I've come to understand it.

The core of their theory is that bitcoin is a weapon against the central banks, created by more or less the same people responsible for Q and Trump. Like the Law of War Manual, it was never directly mentioned in the drops, so if it is part of the plan, great lengths have been gone to in order to hide it as such.

In the same way that the goal of Q was to decentralize and democratize the compilation and distribution of information and narratives, the goal of bitcoin is decentralize and democratize money. They rightly point out that centralized control of money is the root of what enables the deep state to carry out their evil, and that even returning to a gold standard would ultimately only be a temporary fix before the cycle repeats. Governments and banks have found a way to print over the gold, and get people to accept it, every single time the gold standard has been tried throughout history. And if we don't learn from history, our grandkids will have to fight the same war, against central bankers who have learned from past mistakes. The solution is a form of money that no one controls, and that is bitcoin.

As General Flynn has said, to paraphrase, we are at war with a network, and it takes a network to defeat a network.

One of their biggest notables that they point to is Major Jason Lowery of Space Force. He recently published a 400 page graduate thesis called Softwar, discussing bitcoin as a weapon system. Interestingly, the officer who put him up to this task is Charles Q Brown, whom Trump appointed as Air Force Chief of Staff in 2019, and is now Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

In a recent episode, they also pointed to various white hats who have given lowkey shout outs to bitcoin over the years, including General Flynn, Melania, Scavino, RFK Jr, and Elon. Interestingly, DJT himself has not done so. Sort of like with the jabs, he uses people in his orbit to disseminate information that he cannot himself.

They also point out that Russia is working on building bitcoin mining infrastructure (They are fully onboard with Putin, Xi and MBS being white hats), and have theorized that each Starlink satellite has a bitcoin miner and node onboard. This would go a ways towards explaining the massive spike in bitcoin's hash power since Trump became President, and more specifically since Space Force became operational.

Additionally, they have done digs, based on Major Lowery's work, on how Proof of Work technology could be applied to other areas, such as social media, elections, and as a means to contain AI and bots.

The show's been running for over a year now, so obviously there's way more to break down, but I hope this has been a decent warmup. I can try to answer questions if you have them.

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It's a show on Badlands, the only show I know of that talks about Bitcoin and its connections to Q, Trump, the plan, etc. Info that no other anons seem to be talking about. Definitely worth checking out.

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Bitcoin makes gold and silver obsolete. It doesn't need to be backed by gold because it is harder money than gold.

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A hypothetical that I've been sitting with lately. I'm thinking less and less that RFK is the vehicle by which election fraud will be proven to the other side. What if something like this occurs.

We see establishment media on all sides pushing the narrative of Biden's unpopularity more and more. Anons have suspected (and Trump has hinted) that at some point they would try to throw him to the curb. They seem to be preparing to do this now.

What if a Gavin Newsome type enters the primary against Biden, under instructions from the swamp to unseat Biden because they know they don't fully control him (whether via devolution, or by Biden being outright controlled by white hats. I think more and more that it is a combination of the two)?

What if Biden has a role in this movie? What if that role is to be the scapegoat for 4 years of controlled demolition of the deep state's system, then to lose in 2024 and graciously hand the presidency back to Trump, the rebuilder?

What if Biden wins the primary anyway, and then the challenger from the Dem establishment is then the one to cry fraud?

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"My 2nd term... which we're kinda having right now, but I don't want the results of it..." - Trump

Btw, Cats, do you have a link to the PDW post? Wanna post the above quote from the boss and see what happens lol.

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Thanks for posting this Cats! More anons need to be paying attention to the work of GMoney and Patriots in Progress. If they are right about Bitcoin being a counterinsurgency weapon against the central banks, then it is a massive element of the plan that most anons are sleeping on.

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"The 25th Amendment is of zero risk to me, but it will come back to haunt Joe Biden and the Biden Administration." - Trump in the days following J6.

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15 year delta from the release of the Bitcoin White Paper.

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