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ConInc wants Q to be false almost more so than the mainstream fake news.

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Burning Bright is another one of those guys (like JustHuman) who came out of nowhere and just started killing it. The way he articulates these big 40,000 ft concepts is exceptional.

Also, very interesting stuff about Xi vs the CCP old guard. Just goes to show how little we know about what is actually going on in Chyna.

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The idea I have seen tossed around alot lately is that it is more important at this point to simply lead people to ask the same questions we did when we woke up. Convincing them of the validity of Q is secondary, if it is even necessary at all.

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Sunlight is the best disinfectant?

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Interesting then that those territories are holding their referenda on joining Russia in the last week of September.

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There is a reason that Trump, when he talks about the jabs, always points out how quickly he was able to get them released. It is because they removed the excuse for lockdowns, which were a far greater threat in the long run.

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"Something to think about regarding this DOD story.

The "leadership" at the pentagon is Joe Biden's leadership. They are the ones who want this information on the PSYOP's that are taking place.

Why don't they already know?

Shouldn't the operations taking place be of their control and to their benefit?

Anything to do with that ugly transition where Trump's DOD withheld info on SPECOPs?

This whole thing doesn't really make a lot of sense.

Unless..." - PatelPatriot

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In the case if the monarchy, I think that battle was won when Trump walked in front of the Queen and stood under the royal seal. Whatever leverage he had, it was enough to force the crown to play ball.

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"What if RUSSIA and CHINA are coordinating with POTUS to eliminate the NWO?"

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He helped keep me sane through the darkest parts of 2021. Cut from the same ex-Quodverum cloth as PatelPatriot, you might think of them as Thomas Wictor's proteges.

I would argue that his work on the Afghanistan withdrawal and the Doha Agreement is one of the first and biggest proofs of devolution in practice. I'd highly recommend checking out that work if you haven't looked into it.


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JustHuman and Brian Cates are my go-to guys for all things Durham/Spygate. Highly recommend both.

https://rumble.com/c/JustHuman https://t.me/realjust_human


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Some people are just better than others when it comes to sleeping through alarms.

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Trump's first choice for Special Master, a Reagan appointee, and worked in the EDNY back in the 80s, when Trump and Giuliani were running stings against the mob. Seems like a solid dude.

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