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Scorpion76 37 points ago +37 / -0

My Father took a booster (despite my pleadings, he believes all the MSM/Gov and is stubborn) 2 days later he collapses in the hallway, he said his legs just went and they wouldn't work to enable to get himself up again. His sister came and helped, she messaged me saying he looked really "waxy" and was worried.

A few days later I talk with him, and he said it was terrible for a few days, but he reckons he is feeling ok now. Me, not so sure!

Usmc_vet 12 points ago +12 / -0

Hope he stays well. My sister, 53, same way. MSM was her only info. Couldn’t even talk to her about it. She’d hang up…. Anyway, she got the booster, waited a week to call and tell me she got it. She passed 4 days after we spoke, of a blood clot in her brain.