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During the great "coof" war, I 'member's looking at cleaning products that proudly boasted about how it/they killed CV19 - I wondered how the makers knew since the virus hadn't been isolated? Then I noticed how normal so called cleaning products, say for kitchen sinks or cookers actually remove very little grease or dirt! The GF says that unless it says "degreaser" on the bottle then it won't do much at all?

Just some thots.

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Yup anon I've ad pretty much the same experience, keto then now carnivore, zero carbs or sugar/processed foods and my weight is where it should be! Loads of energy, 6hrs sleep, but must also drink plenty of water with pink salt or celtic sea salt.

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I haven't eaten carbs or sugar for 6 months now, and recently (5 weeks ago) started eating just beef, salt and water for a total time of 2 months. Within that 6 months I have lost roughly 40lbs and dropped down to a 31 inch waist as opposed to a tight 36 inch waist.

Keto and carnivore has really helped me go from obese, to pretty much no fat on my body, whilst giving me stable blood sugars and vastly more energy!

I feel the best I've ever felt in years eating this way! Although you do go through a rough period where you crave sugar/sweet foods but once over that it's excellent imho. I will go back to keto after the 2 months on carnivore diet!

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When the King is in residence (At which ever palace/castle/house or the Royal Arms of Scotland when he's there in Scotland) the Royal Standard will be flown, when he's not it'll be the Union flag.

I think the narrator is confusing the State Trumpeters with the mounted duty trumpeters and escorts of the Blues and Royals Regiment. I can't recall the original reason, but the bulk of the horses the Blues and Royals ride are always "Blacks" usually Irish Draught breed. I suspect the use of a grey horse (technically there's no such thing as a white horse) is to differentiate between the fighting troops and those who would sound the various orders for charge's etc during battle.

These Regiments have a long history with many different honours and traditions, my Cavalry Regiment for instance was also part of the charge of the light brigade in 1854.

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So we have here the colour guard of the Blues and Royals, Household Cavalry. The Blues and Royals used to be a separate Regiment, and the Life Guards was the other making up the Household Cavalry until they amalgamated them both a few years back.
The Officer has his sword drawn, to protect the "Colours" and most likely the duty "Colour Sergeant" with Colours covered, and the Duty Trumpeter on the white horse, riding slightly behind the colours which will always be in front.

You would not have the colours unfurled unless it was an official showing of them, my best guess is they are simply moving them or training, I honestly don't think there is anything to it. The Standard isn't flying at Buckingham Palace meaning the King isn't there, I can't quite make out who they gave the "Eyes right" salute too, but it looked like they past a gate or entrance or possibly paying respect to the Princess Diana memorial imho if they were heading up towards Admiralty Arch.

And no, the duty trumpeter isn't missing a leg, them riding boots cover a long way up the leg, and the rest of his leg is hidden between the horses "numnah" (The black sheepskin material the saddle sits on) and his winter red coat.

Honestly don't see much wrong with it.

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Back in the wild west of YT before all the BS censorship, I watched an avionics software engineer who spent years working with CVR's and data recorders (black boxes) examine the data from one of the aircraft used in 9/11. When he examined the so called official data, handed over by the US Gov, he could instantly see it was BS and not from one of the aircraft but a test bed black box.

One of the things he stated was every door into the cockpit has a microswitch fitted, and every time it is opened and closed it is recorded in the data recorder, what he examined showed the door was never opened in flight!

So many anomaly's it is beyond a joke that the official narrative on that fateful is true imo.

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I disagree, every building that was hit, especially WTC 1and 2 were hit directly where important information was held, (and WTC7) all housed either data like the DoD missing trillions, BCCI scandal, Enron scandal, and many more. I believe flight 93 was destined to hit WTC7 but the remote takeover software failed so they had to use the back up of a controlled demo instead.

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So the reports about 1 1/2 years or so ago (maybe longer thinking about it) where the bio labs, and in particular Metabiota that H Biden had a hand in via funding, were testing novel viruses on locals, using the diplomatic pouch system to transfer biologic materiel through, with the ultimate aim of selling some sort of tracking and help to other countries should a nasty virus breakout!

Especially when you tie in the locals dying in Ukraine, the chatter about how they had evolved viruses to target specific genes in people say in Russia, using migratory wild fowl and insects to target a country's population, all whilst getting paid to "track" and aid country's with any outbreak, that they would themselves release, make sense yet?

Then tie in the US DoD contract to Metabiota (In Ukraine biolab) worth 381k dollars to research "Covid19" in the Nov of 2019 and things start to become clear, especially when they knew they needed mail in ballots to win in the 2020 Nov Presidential Election via lockdowns in 2020!

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Either start of with a keto diet, or hardcore carnivore just meat, salt (pink/Himalayan) and water. Ive been strictly keto for about 5 months, and recently started beef only (carnivore) and the weight has flown off, 40lbs in that time and feel fitter, sleep better, more mobile and things like gum disease has gone!

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TY catsfive, now if only I could remember the name of the billionare's hotel!!

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I will have to go back and try and find more info, but this is a few years ago during the drops. My memory has failed to recall where apart from it being in a remote place in Asia where a lot of bad stuff would happen if you were in the billion dollar club!

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