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A lot of republican RINO AGs have already said they wouldn’t sign on. I give this guy a ton of credit. He’s doing this alone, with his own money. Unfortunately, nothing short of the military will reverse the 2020 outcome. And even that’s a massive stretch to think they would.

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Kamala probably paid his bail.

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I almost forgot about this. Let’s hope it’s not another symposium…

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Just as in Arizona, nothing to see here. Move along. I’m sure the DOJ will get right on this.

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In the Senate, 5 GOP, 1 Dem won’t seek re-election.
In the house, 16 Dems, 10 GOP will not seek re-election…. So far

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This would NOT pass inspection before the funeral service. I’ve been to a handful of military funerals (unfortunately), the flag should be wrinkle free.

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But it was ok for the “resist Trump” hashtag… F twatter

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Lord, I pray you walk with his wife. You are the only Lord who can diminish her fears/pain and anxiety. Call her by name Lord, keep her blessed and safe.

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You’re so right. I guess I should’ve tried harder. But, it always ended up in an argument. Thank you.

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Hope he stays well. My sister, 53, same way. MSM was her only info. Couldn’t even talk to her about it. She’d hang up…. Anyway, she got the booster, waited a week to call and tell me she got it. She passed 4 days after we spoke, of a blood clot in her brain.

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