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You sound like my father. He kept saying he won't believe what's going on until people are arrested for their crimes, no matter how much info I threw his way.

So with that said, should I say, "Ok Boomer"?

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Did this really happen? Cuz I'm deaf and couldn't watch the rally due to it not having subtitles (not a problem though) but if that part was said in a song, then that's fantastic!

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I consider it a racist slur because it is "Colored People" backwards. They'd change something to make it sound "appropriate" so they can continue being racist.

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Then all of a sudden, the content dries up and they have nothing to show for the next few months.

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Maybe I'm late to the party but I also made a post a while ago on T_D.win about Claire Hazell. She stepped down from the NSPCC and when I saw what NSPCC stood for, it was bizarrely similar to the same organization in the movie, "The Witches", and also in the book by Roald Dahl, "The WItches".

The leader of the witches, portrayed by Anjelica Huston, created an organization similar to NSPCC, which is a disguise because they wanted to lure children and kill them. The witches absolutely despise the children but I think it was a code meaning something else.

Anyways, I believe Roald Dahl knew what was going on with the NSPCC so he wanted to tell us through his stories?

I found my post on T_D.Win so here it is:


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Well a couple of things:

  • It's almost Jan 20th so they're probably preparing for anything?
  • Today (at the time of writing) is Jan 13th. 11.3?
  • The SCOTUS is supposed to decide on the vaccine mandate today so if it doesn't go our way, something may happen?
  • OR SCOTUS doesn't go Bidet's way, so Bidet will enforce an even worse mandate, one that would cause people to get angry over?
  • Maybe people are waking up and realizing Bidet is illegitimate, seeing how his Quinnipac poll keeps dropping, one poll after another, and there's rumblings of people coming to protest the election, demanding a nationwide audit?

Ah I dunno but yeah this is weird as the fake news media are not reporting on this...

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Well Jan 20th is coming up so maybe there's something going on. There's also a scheduled no-fly zone over where Queen Elizabeth will be at, on the 27th.

I don't know where exactly she will be but it was in the news so apparently it's a big deal.

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Not to shame you or your husband, but why are you guys testing to see whether you have Covid or not?

I never got the test and never will. They also said the PCR testing have been doing it wrong the whole time, which means almost all of the tests, if not all, have been "false positive".

If I were you and your husband, I'll stop doing the testing, it's fake and stupid, and should have never been done in the first place because we never got a test done for cold/flu in the first place pre-"Covid".

I think your husband was getting rid of the parasites and somehow it "triggered" a false positive with the PCR testing but if he's feeling better while being "infected with Covid" then I wouldn't worry too much about that part.

I've gone through 2020 and 2021 without wearing a mask, socially distancing, using the antibacterial gel and no vaccine, and I still don't know if I have had it or not. Besides not knowing whether I had it or not (and I don't care), I have had a very mild cold that lasted 3 days and that was it, in over 2 years and I did the Zelenko protocol (Quercetin with Bromelain, zinc, Vit D, Vit C and I added NAC).

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My thought as well. Came here to say this but wanted to see if anyone has said this already so I can updoot them!

Take my updoot!

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Have you tested yourself in the past for cold or flu? No? Then why bother getting tested? "Covid" is the retarded's official name for the common cold.

I'd recommend doing the Zelenko Protocol that I see some are suggesting.

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Haha nah it wasn't auto-correct. That's my name for him. I refuse to call him by his "proper" name because Bidet is his proper name now! Just like how I'm not acknowledging him as "president".

Just Resident Bidet.

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Here's what the interpreter was signing.

But before I type everything out, I have to let you guys know that I kind of have a hard time understanding her. She's using some signs that I've never seen and I've asked my deaf friends if they understand her and all of them said not 100% of the time.

She signs pretty decent but throws in some signs that we've never seen.

Like for example, at the beginning of the clip, she's saying something like "storm" but I have no idea what she's trying to say.

Looks like, "Do have to (storm?), block block block"

Then, points to something, usually indicating someone Bidet is referring to "know that many people want to vote, how? gesturing opening a mailbox and dropping the ballot off can. again points to that person want how hard? (for people to vote) block block block no no no can't can't can't."

Then a pause and before it got cut off, "Like President T---"

I know it seems "broken" but that's how it's done. Basically she's, or rather Bidet, is saying,

"What do you (or we?) have to do? (storm?) (You/we?) have to block that. (Name of person) knows that many people can vote by mailing their ballot in, but he want to make voting hard by blocking the ability to do mail-in voting. Like President T--"

But in order for me to understand everything, I'll have to watch the whole speech, for which I don't want to lol. That's why I don't know who Bidet is referring to when I said points to person but usually at the beginning, the interpreter would sign the person's name then points to "it" after saying their name, then you can just do the points to person because that part has already been established so we know who Bidet is referring to.

I believe the person Bidet is referring to, is President Trump and that's what the interpreter is "pointing" to.

I've already complained to the White House YouTube and Twatter accounts, saying I have a hard time understanding her and none of my deaf friends do too, but I have this feeling they're either ignoring me because they don't care or because they think I'm trolling.

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Lol yeah you can say that, or like she's saying "ILY" to herself lol

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From the movie, "Creepshow". It had like 5 short stories and had Leslie Nielson and Ted Danson in one short movie, Adrienne Barbeau and Hal Holbrook in another.

It's a good movie. Stephen King had a meteor crash in his backyard or at least in the proximity of where he was. He walked over to the crash site and the meteor cracked into half. Being a dumbass hick (in overalls and acting "dumb") he touched the meteor then thought nothing of it.

A few days later, a patch of grass or weed started growing on his thumb and fingers, because they were the first to be exposed when he touched the meteor. King thought nothing of it still, but then after a few days, the patch grew and grew and eventually took over his whole body.

You should watch it if you never seen it. One of the classics! I think this inspired the "Tales from the Crypt" show on Showtime or whatever cable channel it was back then.

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