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She'd hate it if she knew I'd asked, but she is feeling a total lack of hope, is panicking and wants out.

No matter how hard I try, I cannot instill in her the sense of hope that I have for the future. Her response to all this is to want to run and hide or do herself in.

Please, could you spare her a thought in your prayers to help her find the courage to face her fears and let them go? It would also be helping me :) TIA.

Update: Thank you so much to everyone who has responded so kindly with their thoughts and prayers. I'm heading out soon so I won't be able to respond to every reply, but know that I am grateful.

Update2: You're all amazing, and I've been moved to tears by the amount of support you've all given us. Truly, nowhere else could I have found this, and it has helped. My wife was in much better spirits when I returned home tonight.

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Lord, I pray you walk with his wife. You are the only Lord who can diminish her fears/pain and anxiety. Call her by name Lord, keep her blessed and safe.