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How many times have we read new studies in recent years that undid previous proclamations? We used to be told that eggs were bad for decades and that now they are suddenly good? We used to be told that whole milk was bad and now it's good? We used to be told that fat in general was bad, and now it's fine? How many of these old studies were cabal driven to make us unhealthy? Now they're saying that cholesterol from food is not bad for you. I'm so sick of these fucking monsters.

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We got duped into thinking fats are bad and sugar is good. The thing is, is that it is completely false. Why do they push sugar into everything? Do parasites thrive in a host that has high levels of sugar. The more truth that is revealed is going to shock a big portion of people. I think parasites are the problem to everything regarding our health. No wonder we never get a yearly de-wormer or anti-parasitic, but all other animals do. Things that make you go hnmmm. Just my opinion so take with a grain of salt.

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Pretty sure sugar is addictive too

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It is. Worse than crack, and probably worse for you as well.