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memeYourDreams -5 points ago +6 / -11

His life is ruined sadly, seemed like he tied the POS THEN killed him.

It's gonna end up 1st degree sadly. Killing a helpless person is fucked. At least untie the cunt and have a old fashioned duel.

Jtap 21 points ago +21 / -0

With all due respect to the pop. The man that was tied up was no man of honor. He sold a father's daughter into sex slavery. The kid relinquished his own right to expect a merciful end.

All the same I like your style and code of honor.

God bless you fren. May the Holy Ghost nurture that honor of yours in to Godward. In Jesus name amen.

memeYourDreams -1 points ago +4 / -5

There are cases where the gf and the bf are both in on it. Stuff can be really fucked up. Thus without knowing the full truth better to duel than be a murderer.

Jtap 5 points ago +5 / -0

Certainly I agree, fren. I'm not justifying. I'm just trying to give benefit of the doubt of the father here. My own dad swore if anyone hurt me he'd be going to jail for battery and assault and potential murder. A parent will go to any length for their kids. Doesn't make it right. Sure a duel would be a respectable thing to do. Yeah killing the kid did make him a murderer. In just stating that regardless of the point; the kid brought it upon himself. If he hadn't sold that girl he would still be alive and that dad wouldn't be in jail.