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Honestly, good. This is the exact equality they deserve as a reward for their demands. Y’all want to be equal to men? Fine. Here yah go. Men had to do it in order to be able to vote. Y’all got to vote simply because of what’s between your legs. Enough of the hand outs, time to earn your keep. Now the reality of “feminism” will start to sink in and they will whine, cry, bitch, piss and moan the entire time about how it’s not fair and blah blah blah stfu. They’re fucked around, now they’re finding out.

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When you zoom in on her hair over her left shoulder, one of the vines is growing through her hair lol.

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I am perfectly fine with the entire collapse of the U.S. economy if it means that the fed reserve will be gone forever and we can start anew with real money.

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Freedom isn’t free brother. After my time in the Corps I can certainly tell you that sometimes an illusion or a lie must be done in order to preserve life. That deception, that illusion, that lie, it’s called the fog of war and it is absolutely the better alternative to mass death and destruction.

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Bradenton is so yucky now in the city. My friend lives there and I visit him once every couple months. Last trip I saw so many people tweaking on drugs, hookers working and dealers selling all in broad daylight and no cops anywhere in sight. It’s sad how much that place has fallen.

by PepeSee
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Flat earthers be like….


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This exactly.

It drives me nuts every time I hear “Seal Team Six”. It literally doesn’t exist anymore like you said. More people need to learn about DevGru.

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Hello fellow 239er! We are not alone down here! There’s more of us than you’d think 👍

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That would be another awesome red pill for normies. I’d be happy if it went either way honestly.

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My time spent in the Marine Corps made me very good at violence. It also taught me that there is a time for violence. It also taught me when it is NOT the time for violence. This is 100% absolutely NOT the time for violence. Do NOT fall for any false flag meet ups or otherwise stupid shit that screams glowie.

As far as I am concerned this is all part of the movie and precedent is being set for the boomerang. If our side turns to violence, it will fuck the entire chess match up and that is what the cabal is hoping for right now. No matter what happens, unless GEOTUS himself says he’s recruiting, (or they literally legalize diddling kids) remain calm and DO NOT resort to violence.

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Taiwan? Yes. The cabal operations within Taiwan, no.
At least that’s the way I’m looking at it.

Also, again, coolest tank ever made in history.

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I believe it to be a separation of Xi and “China” just like there’s a separation of Trump and the U.S. They are the leaders working to bring down the cabal that has infiltrated and controlled “China” and the “U.S.”

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Plus it sets the stage to make it look like we’re on the brink of WW3 under Biden. Thus letting Trump stop it like he says.

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Or, Taiwan is another cabal operation like Ukraine and China was waiting for the green light to take it out because…

“What if CHINA, Russia, and others are coordinating w/ POTUS to eliminate the NWO?


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Will you be voting for him again this election?

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You didn’t think infiltration from within only works one way did you?

Edit: a quick scroll through the author’s other posts reveal he’s an anti-Trump pro RFK Jr. shill.

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I will personally be voting in person on Election Day.

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8 years. And I did know about the metzitzah thing. That one was an eye opener when I first learned about it. Also knew about the last four points you mention. I’ll definitely look into the other stuff as well.

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Found the actual writing. It is here:


Start at Yevamot 57b:2. It’s right there in the Talmud plain as day.

Edit: oh my look at the downdoots starting. Seems the truth is just too much for some people. Maybe that’s why Q even said people couldn’t handle it.

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