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There is no doubt in my mind that Trump and team Q knew all that would occur and planned for everything. No not every battle can be anticipated into a victory, but if this truly was a Commie take-over, we would not have had the night that we did last night or any of the thousands of wins that we have documented on this site. Do I think "Patriots are in control"? Well... I'll touch on that later.

Firstly though, if you have not read up on Devolution it pretty much is required reading to participate in the discussion here. Everything is sourced and cited meticulously and explained in great detail:


Audio version:


With that said, I am now going to share my personal opinion and theory. I do think that Devolution has been implemented... as a fail safe. Yes that seems a little redundant, but if you examine things closely I think you'll see what I see.

Let's first ask ourselves what would have happened if Trump did get his rightful second term. Well... we would have gone back to sleep just like we did in 2016. For those legitimate few who knew that electing Trump wasn't enough, thank you for staying vigilant and laying the ground work for all of this. You know who you are. But it's time to face the facts: most of us are lazy. But that's understandable. The government is supposed to be as simple as showing up once every two years, voting for the people you want to maintain the government and going about your life. Unfortunately for the last one hundred plus years in this country, evil people have been working to undermine our liberties and almost came close to being completely successful in 2016. Thankfully Trump beat the cheat. But then we let him be. We did not get involved in our local politics. We did not push for election integrity. We went on about our lives rolling our eyes at every MSM headline. Then they stole 2018 House and Senate seats and what did we do? Nothing. We carried on like things would work themselves out.

Well you see... Trump and his team knew this. The faceless heroes were aware of our complacency and had to figure out a way to get us motivated. Well what better way than to let our enemies of liberty think they won? In fact I am even more convinced that this isn't some big secret. Trump probably told Pelosi right to her disgusting face that he was still secret President while Biden was going to be pretend President. He probably also told her that if they push things too far, he will initiate Devolution's final phases and go into all out war against them. He probably also told her that he was going to flip the House and Senate in 2022 and that he would be elected Speaker and from there all the fraud evidence would be used to remove Biden and Kamalla giving him the remaining two years followed by another LEGAL run in 2024 in which he would get six full unobstructed years. Why would he tell her and maybe others all of this? Because what are they going to do? Tell the truth? "So as it turns out Trump is secret President because he laid out these orders that proved we were cheating and being aided by China (treason)..." Yes they are stupid, but not that stupid.

Did Trump have the means to stop all of this? Why all the theater? Simple. The media. Had President Trump been given his second term it would have been a rinse and repeat of the first. Had he initiated Devolution and fought to stay in office he would have likely plunged us into a Civil War and as we learned in Devolution that is NOT an option. Yes, it sucks that 13 Marines died. It sucks that many more have died from the jab. I am not trying to downplay or justify those things. But here's reality: it's not Trump's fault. It's the assholes who got us into this situation in the first fuckin place. Also recognize that if Trump could he would avoid all conflict. This is evidenced by the fact that he refused to plunge us into another endless war in the Middle East.

Yes I do believe the main plan is to slow walk this into 2022. Last night was a clear indicator that Patriots are in control... but what does that mean? A lot of things. Patriots are in control... of the nuclear weapons. Patriots are in control... of military operations. And most importantly YOU Patriots are in control of your lives and your destiny. I stupidly put so much stake in that phrase to assume it meant "full control" and I don't think that was the case. Is a "controlled burn" really under control? No. There are risks that can cause it to blow out of control really fast. Unless man can control fire, "Controlled burn" is a bit of an idiom. Well... in a way so too is the phrase "Patriots are in control" if you assume it to mean total control... but that's NEVER been what the phrase said.

Trump's first term was meant to be exposure. The bountiful rewards were an added bonus. Primarily his mission was to expose the Swamp and he did and still is. The intention was always for them to allow the steal to take place. The court proceedings and audits are more for laying the ground work for justice, not so much to overturn the election. And at this point, do we really want a partial bullshit term? Do we wanna bank on Swampreme Court (no I still don't trust their role yet) to rule that Trump is eligible for a Third Term because of the cheating? No. Let's keep things publicly the way they are. We'll be fine.

Finally, no more dooming. After last night, dooming is over. I have said and still to an extent believe in and support reasonable venting especially if you are feeling discouraged. But it needs to be within reason and stand up to scrutiny... if even allowed at all anymore. There is no reason to doom. There is also no reason to get complacent either. Enjoy this victory, but the war is far from over. Most importantly, if you aren't happy with the results or the current state of things GET OFF YOUR LAZY ASS AND DO SOMETHING. Get involved in your local politics. Support MAGA candidates going into 2022. The plan also includes us. Always did. If anything we were always the plan from the beginning. Instead of wasting energy complaining, DO SOMETHING YOURSELF.

NCSWIC. We held the line. It's time to advance. Sic semper tyrannous.

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