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Yeah I think you are onto something. Firstly, Tolkien spoke to his closest followers about secret organizations and did say that his time in The Great War inspired his writing.

Also, if you haven't studied the real conspiracy behind WWI, you should make time for James Corebett's WWI Conspiracy:


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"wHy DoN't YoU tRuSt TrUmP"

Because he doesn't need my trust to do the right thing and until the plan concludes, he could turn out to be a black hat or a turncoat at the last minute.

No, I don't think it will happen. However until the cabal is officially defeated, all possible outcomes are in play.

Therefore, I have my own plans for the very reason this points out. Sheep are a symptom of all ideologies.

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Lol. No. Mittens, McConnell and Gay-Ram have already proven this line of thinking to be false.

The lesser of two evils is still evil. No exceptions.

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This is a reasonable mindset and I can understand your feelings as I sometimes go there myself. But...

"What makes a good movie? Good actors?"

No, actually, good story. The actors just help bring it to life. My point is, things are so comically absurd right now that I refuse to believe any of it is genuine. It's convincing, sure, but none of what is outside my immediate area is real at all as far as I am concerned. Where I live, we have been back to normal since about fall of 2020. We stopped caring. And that is what I realized one of the main goals of this operation is.

First and foremost, I believe the goal of the Q op is to end the suffering of children world wide. To what extent? Human trafficking for sure. Beyond that, I don't know.

The second goal was to revive the spirt of 1776 by having us go through what we are now. In the last two years I have been labeled all kinds of things from different ideologies. The truth is, I started thinking for myself. Yes, I am still Team America, however I am not Team Majority Rule and I never will be. I believe Jefferson has the right idea about liberty. These woke folk and trans gender folks are allowed to live and identify how they wish. That is their business. Where I draw the line is influencing children. But ultimately I do not care if leftists want to have their parades and protests. That is their right to do so. The only thing we are required to do as Americans is respect each other's right to exist. Most everything beyond that is semantics.

I am not free because of who is in the White House. I am not free because of what Swampreme Court justices sit on their little bench. I am not free because of which team (they're all the same regardless of color) has the illusion of majority control. I am free because I wake up every day and I will it into existence. I am free because if someone tries to silence me, I can reach under my desk, grab my gun and shoot them if they try. All the media censorship and cancel culture cancer is an illusion. None of it is real. In fact depending on who they tried to cancel, often times it backfired immensely so that was never a real "weapon" to begin with. Your average leftist is just as lost and confused as we are and they just want to live their lives. The only people who are of any threat are those who seek to impose dominion over others and that's NOT exclusive to any one ideology- I mean there are anons in this sub who will unironically install a theocracy if given the chance because they feel empowered by their religious text despite Jesus never once granting such authority... point is, the idea of America is that we are all kings and queens of our lives and our property. That is what the Constitution was about: limiting government control of our lives and even taking it a step further, by wrangling the church (from the Greek: "crica" or "circus") to not have control of our lives either.

We have the freedom to live how we choose without fear of the government. That is what Q means to me to restore. I became considerably more independently minded because of this situation and I wouldn't have it any other way. Oh people are struggling and dying? What could they be doing differently to improve their situation? Why is it Q or Trump's fault we became so dependent on an evil system? Yeah. We're Americans. In times of crisis we do take care of each other, but we can only do that when we take care of the logs in our own eyes as well.

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Not all of them. However I would say a good majority. For the others who are genuinely falling for the narrative, THAT is who we are trying to reach. THAT is who we are trying to convince to expand their thinking.

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No not exactly. But you can research that on your own.

What is worth noting is Sandman dropped him and he's been nothing but talk. I haven't seen his reputation supported by any results that people assume are all true.

Sure he words well. So too did the cabal at one point. I agree that he's not a great reference for anything overall. Just another talking head.

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Uh... Q post 55 didn't specify WHO on Twatter so...


EDIT: Also Q post 55 has a 5 year delta this year 6 days before Election Day 2022 and will be almost 2 years to the day of the 2020 steal...

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Exactly. The capitalism model is great from the individual stand point and probably only needs some minor regulations for small business, like ethics laws and such. But that's it. Anything greater than two or three businesses and we need trickle up regulation.

As misguided as some leftists can be, they aren't interested in going after 7 figure types. While their candidates say otherwise, well... so have "ours" (think RINOs). We also need to break the tribalism mindset. We are all unique individuals and we aren't required to believe and accept things we don't agree with.

Just because someone smokes weed doesn't mean they want to take your guns away. In fact the whole weed debacle was a control measure that was twisted and branded with communism. The truth is people who smoke weed, just want to live their lives in peace and be happy... but apparently wanting hippieness is communistic or some stupid shit.

Hard work is only as good as the returns and in this system right now, it doesn't even deserve bare minimum labor.

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Voting Republican isn't necessarily the answer either.

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This is a symptom of the cabals evil system. The cause is unregulated hyped consumer capitalism. This is a tyrannical economy that even Jefferson would revolt against.

But go on. Your fellow struggling Americans are the enemy. Not the asshole fucks who just cashed a $44 billion paycheck...

One minute we're awake, then posts like this reinforce the fact we're still very much asleep.

Has it ever occurred to you that if people are willing to establish their own communist community that there is nothing you can do to stop it and that doing so actually means you're wrong?

You're losing sight of the real enemy again...

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Most rich people are nothing more than opportunistic cronies. They don't have values, they go with whatever trends make them money.

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At the same time, however the old guard mentality of treating people like shit, expecting people to work for over a third of their lives only to produce a joke of a retirement that they steal away with inflation anyway. On top of that you have Christians painfully shilling for this system when Jesus preached the opposite.

Ideally the work week shouldn't exceed 20 hours minimum unless you personally choose to work more. Bur that does not make your existence above those who don't want to work as hard and thinking such just makes you insecure.

This little diatribe is one side effect of the system. All thought all of you woke up to the reality that the game is rigged with those jokes known as Covid relief bills- hell that "Aid" bill is anything but. Then I see posts like this and I realize how quickly a lot of you are going back to sleep.

If the "plan" is about restoring the status quo, then it's a bad plan and I hope it fails. Hyper consumerist capitalism is what brought us to where we are now.

Oh you think socialism is bad? Better have those anti-trust laws abolished so we can properly enslave the American people without any regulation whatsoever... Oh you like anti-trust laws? Oh you also agreed with Trump forcing prescription drug prices down? Got news for ya: that's socialism in action!

That said, socialism isn't the answer either. Aspects, however have proven themselves.

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And this right here is why I stopped fighting people to tax and/or eat the rich.

Not one person on this board will ever through honest means achieve super yacht and private plane stupid rich. That has been an illusion that we supported because we envisioned such success for ourselves one day.

The truth is, they don't let people into that club. And even if you claw your way in, they either try to black mail you into the pedo ring or they spend every waking hour trying to destroy you.

On an honest scale you might retire as a hundred millionaire at best. Bur the concept of an honest Billionaire is a bit oxymoronic.

If Trump's proven squeaky clean that doesn't negate the fact he had a massive head start. Not saying he doesn't deserve it, however I won't be surprised if he did do some shady shit before choosing to turn a new leaf.

Point is, those of us who bought into the lies of the rich need to recognize and accept we were wrong so we can figure out the way forward. It's not capitalism. It's not socialism. It's not communism. But aspects from those ideologies can build a better world for all of us.

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"But but but Lin Wood said-" slaps face " shut the fuck up about Lin Wood. All he's done is run his mouth. He's done fuck all except throw shade where it's not needed. Until Elon is tried and convicted, Lin is just noise and hearsay.

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Like do these people seriously think we're going to capitulate to their dooming. Even if for discussion sake Q is indeed a larp (lol. Come on man) we're never going to doom. We will simply carry out the plan ourselves if needs be.

But we aren't sitting here doing nothing. We're still preparing for worst case scenario in case the plan has to go into worst case scenario. In fact we're probably the most prepared group of people because we indeed do not blindly trust anyone lest alone some plan or rather plans that we aren't directly apart of.

Despite some groupthink growing pains we're going through, overall most people think and prepare for themselves. And if anyone reading this is relying on hopium still well... that's on you. Most everyone here has been open about being prepared for the worst. Even if the darkness is only ten days that's still ten days without amenities potentially. Everyone here is quite vocal about anticipating the worst possible outcomes with cool heads, preparedness and always always that Jesus level hope.

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If you can admit you were wrong without attaching any extra bullshit, then we welcome you with open arms.

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