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Switching religions isn't going to change anything. Following Christ is a personal choice and you aren't required to swap labels to follow and understand Him.

Contrary to what insecure members of the correct religion would have you accept as reality, Christianity doesn't have a monopoly on Jesus. I have athiest friends who respect and some even love Jesus and well... If following the correct religion is part of the deal for magical, perfect, eternity land, I think I'll join my friends as being with them is more important than some psycho entity claiming to have created created me and threatening to kill me if I don't do what it says... Hmm... That sounds more like the globalist elite mentality...

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A fact is a fact. Just because you think it's "smearing" doesn't negate it in any way.

Let's also be clear to the fact that this is on ONE flight log that was made public. There are still many others. If he doesn't show up on them, great. It just fascinates me Trump never spoke about this directly nor has he demanded the release of all the flight logs. Client lists, sure. All I'm saying is, if I were clean and exposing the truth, I'd be demanding this stuff daily.

I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but Trump isn't as clean as us anons nor is he the super genius the Q team has propped him up to be. He's just another man like everyone else.

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It's not about trusting him, but recognizing the potential impact someone like him turncoating can have.

Sure, he said some vile things. We all have. But ultimately he's a victim of the programming like 99% of the rest of humanity. Him changing his mind should give you all hope for other normie friends and family. Don't get sucked in by speculation and remember, Trump is a man. I'm done calling him "god emperor" because way to many people took it literally and were willing to accept Trump as supreme dictator. No. I took an oath to the Constitution and THAT is what I will continue to stand up for and defend. And that's all any of us should swear loyalty to.

The founding fathers knew man cannot be trusted with power, so they appointed a piece of paper to be the supreme ruler. It's long passed time we get back to that.

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The FBI committed treason when they invaded Ruby Ridge and you all protested at first but then Weaver may have been a white separatist so it was okay what happened to him and his family, right?

The FBI committed treason when it burned down the Waco compound killing 78 people including 25 innocent children. But Koresh might have been a pedophile so that makes it okay, right?

The FBI assisted in the overthrow of President Trump. But Trump might be a racist so that makes it okay, right?

We talk about being ungovernable and not complying, yet the state sponsored domestic terrorist organization known as the FBI is still in power and is still running around unaccountable and unchecked. Still trying to stage mass shootings and still trying to abuse their position to enslave us all under their fear mongering. I think it's time we made a more active push to defund and dissolve the FBI instead of complaining about all the stuff we continue to let them get away with.

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Why is 559Q-RXGN4-JZPP trending on Twitter?

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We can literally educate ourselves on anything with the internet database. What we need in our education is basic life functions and philosophy. And we need to let kids figure out what they are, not tell them and decide what they will be.

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Hey at least you're honest.

And I don't hate Trump. I hate the political hero worship. The Awakening is about reminding us we are all Kings and Queens and our public servants are, well, public SERVANTS.

Even if you believe it's about Jesus, you might wanna look at Matthew 23:8. Christ sees us all as equals and designates Himself as ultimate authority. No man is given authority over another.

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And calling out election rigging by the media is NOT a small statement.

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"Anybody who doesn't behave EXACLTY like my god emperor lord and savior whom I irrationally love is automatically a Soros plant."

Seriously, this place sounds more like The Donald Lite, lately than anything sane or rational. Like I'm not voting for him in 24. But he would make a solid VP pick and possible successor in 28. He may have some issues now, but even if he IS a plant, I could see him being turned.

What most people need to realize about "controlled opposition" is most of the time, they don't realize they are being controlled. And time with Trump and others... well... I mean I can't think of any other good VP picks except maybe Kari Lake, but even then she needs to flip AZ.

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Why didn't he say the election was rigged via machines and ballot dumps??

Because he hasn't seen the evidence and isn't convinced?

He's at least aware the media is a problem.

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Thing is, the flight logs in of itself isn't indicative

Incorrect. Everyone including Trump needs to be cleared or prosecuted.

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ANd some people wonder why I have become disillusioned. Good points most of which will go ignored. But I'm realizing more and more this "awakening" can only go as fast as people are willing to wake up and holding on to dogma is in large part what's preventing the next ascension... too many of us are still asleep and that's probably why we're in maintenance mode and not full on reckoning, bring it all down mode. I'm also sure Trump hasn't been playing his part perfectly and has been giving pushback which has also probably resulted in where we are now.

But ultimately, Trump and Q are NOT our saviors. Ultimately WE are. And yes even if you believe Jesus is your savior YOU still have to make the choice to follow and therefore YOU are your own savior by making that choice. You may not like it or agree, but the rules for this plain are simply do what thou wilt. Every human's right to choose for themselves HAS to be respected and no amount of dogma will EVER morally justify overriding the will of another human. Even the Bible says we are gods and no it's not a "mistranslation" (which by the way, prove the Bible isn't perfect) as Christ specifically quoted that passage to the Pharisees, "The text say you are gods and yet I come to you as the son of god." We are SOOOOOO much more... than working 9-5 jobs we hate simply to buy houses we don't actually want to perpetually eat food that kills us. But you know... your religion also wants you on the taxation plantation too. Sadly, most of the religions are in cahoots with corrupt governments.

But until this is realized, until people see their worth and that contrary to what the correct religion insists, you are not terrible. You are not worthy of death and damnation. Hell is reserved for people on Epstein's flight log. Your neighbor who doesn't agree is just as lost and confused as you or me.

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He's not white or Christian and talks like he is

What in fuck does this even mean?

And "scared of the lady asking questions" you mean like when he called out that moron for pushing the Russian hoax?

YEah he may be a "plant" but he seems to be a Trump campaign plant. Like, from what I have researched he's my guy for VP and 2028.

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They say GTA was a parody of real life. Satire... today I think we were living in the satire and GTA was simply trying to redpill us to reality...

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