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It's hard to distinguish confirmation bias from reality.

These could be random coincidences spread out over time. (The number 17 does exist outside of references to Q and politics, after all.)

Or they could be messages to people who are familiar with the govt insider called Q and the classified military intel he has shared with freedom-loving patriots as part of a worldwide Truth movement.

Or they could be deliberate misdirection to mess with Q students.

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So are Soros, the Clintons, and the Rothschilds. Your point being?

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I would have loved it, when Trump was cracking on the policy of white people being sent to the end of the line for medical care, if he'd said something like this:

"You go to the end of the line if you're white. That's institutionalized RACISM right there. Whites don't want that, Blacks don't want that, nobody wants blatant RACISM to determine healthcare.

"In our audience tonight we are joined by Alveda King, niece of the great civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Hello, Alveda, thank you for coming! This month, as we celebrate the life of your uncle, we also celebrate his legacy of promoting EQUALITY FOR ALL, REGARDLESS OF COLOR. EQUALITY FOR ALL, REGARDLESS OF COLOR. UNITY AMONG THE AMERICAN PEOPLE!!! REMEMBER THAT. "

Rub their noses in it. Make it so they have to bash unity, equality, and MLK to bash Trump. LOSERS! Ha ha ha

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This terrific meme demonstrates why the left can't meme:

Sense of humor.

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The SS were hunting treasonous communists

Yay, the Nazi SS were the good guys, defending Christianity

Hitler too, he was a misunderstood patriot

The Holocaust never happened

Nazis good, Jews bad

You cannot make this stuff up. Believe it or not, a large faction here actually believe and promote this. I'll get flamed to a blackened crisp for saying this but as long as mods allow it to flourish, this site will forever occupy a dark forgotten corner of the Internet and never gain the worldwide prominence it otherwise would deserve

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Except to a huge percentage of people here, the actual Holocaust itself isn't reality.


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I don't get it. Seems far fetched?

Because all the guy did was post a picture of Trump pointing to the crowd and call it "SQAVINO RIDES IN WITH THE Q!!!!"

Hard to tell what's more deeply lame: the post, or the fact that it's stickied ;p

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Never was on the fence about the guy always doing the deepstate satanic one-eye thing

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If he were I'd know it

Seen too many Carrey movies too many times, sad to say

Whoever is playing Biden shouldve got some huge ultra white dentures... the normal teeth are a dead giveaway

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What's the definition of gone missing

I don't do social media

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Date of Q3387: Jul 2019

References past 2 yrs, 2017 and 2018 (Trump 1st 2 yrs in offc)

References next 5 yrs

2019 + 5 = 2024

Did strategic and preplanned mean Trump was to have two full terms to make the necessary changes? Or something else?

I continue to envision Trump returning in 2023 to end up with 10 yrs total as president

If Trump wasn't due back until 2025 all along, then why stop at 8 yr plan? It could go to 12 while Trump serves second term

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2.5 would still be three

With those math skills, Fedgov jobs are available! ;)

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Q: Did he say TRUST WRAY before, or after this post including Wray with what he rightly calls rogues: McMaster, Coats, and Bolton?

Wray strikes me as a DS stooge so I can't trust him

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The same people who want me dead? They made this mess and it's their debt and social obligation to clean it up. It's not my obligation to do anything.

Just like it's not my obligation to muzzle myself—to pay out money I don't want to spend, indefinitely, for masks that don't do anything except reduce oxygen to my brain and concentrate CO2 in my blood; inflame the skin of my face; and cause me to constantly touch, scratch, adjust, and infect with microbes the thing that's supposedly protecting me from microbes—all just to somewhat reduce the irrational fear of the terrified and scientifically illiterate.

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Without shunning and shaming there is no behavioral modification.

It is unfortunate but they need to quit crying about being victims, even though to an extent they ARE victims of a ruthless disinformation and medical experimentation campaign designed to suppress effective treatments so more thousands would die, and to keep them ignorant and paralyzed with stark, nameless fear for their own and their families' lives.

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next Monday

Excuse me if I forget to datefag this

The overarching likelihood is that nothing about this "breaks next Monday"


Love that term. Not sure what it means, since my neurology is fairly typical yet I don't believe fairy stories spun by communists about magic microbes that measure horizontal and vertical distances; can infect a host of others without infecting the host; can't infect you while you're seated; and like to heed the porous, transparent cloth meant to block them. But still.

I think all the worry about people freaking out when they learn the truth is overblown. SOME will have the feared reactions, but most already suspect what's going on and won't be that shocked to learn the govt lied to them. That millions of doctors and nurses worldwide could be conned or paid to go along with a genocidal hoax is more shocking to those who thought the medical profession was all noble and about helping humankind, instead of being about money, fear, power, and control. But the only ones committing violence and having nervous breakdowns will be those mentally unstable who will be goaded into it by left wingers, the fake news and lightweight communist garbage sites like The Atlantic.

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right or wrong

So you think he might actually have been a rape gang leader?

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Thought we concluded “third term” is expected?

I don't know who concluded that, with 2.5 terms being the limit and all

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The shameless slander and libel of Kavanaugh as a gang rapist, in front of his wife and daughters, was among the most disgusting, despicable, heartbreaking spectacles of degradation ever seen. That's all Trump was alluding to.

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The wizards and warlocks (inside term) will not allow another Satanic Evil POS control our country.


How'd that work out

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He also walked out at 17 mins past the hour


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It's a Fairy tale.

Making up a story and repeating it a billion times doesn't make it true.

It says on the box, masks do not block viral transmission. Case closed.

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It could be a lowercase g written quickly without its tail

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