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not to be able to do anything

...like give people ivermectin or HCQ and send them on their merry way to recover in 24-48 hours.

Nobody had to die "of covid". Not one. Single. Person.

Each death was and will be a first-degree murder.

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Why would you even post this? Use some discernment today. We will have a lot of visitors. Fucks sake. You should know better.

About four dozen people agree with you so far - top comment!

But be advised, certain people cannot take any criticism whatsoever. It won't be tolerated; you will get banned.

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Christopher Walken with a scarf and medallion

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So if either of these photos taken at different times and places are real and recent...big IF...it means she's not dead, not in prison, not in GITMO, but out on the town, living high off the hog, hogging the spotlight, enjoying life at the highest level

...while J6 peaceful patriot prisoners rot in a dungeon

...and President Trump supposedly gets arrested, for a misdemeanor, which even the supposed "victim" insists didn't happen, involving two consenting heterosexual adults, for which the statute of limitations has long passed, and which would have been a state rather than federal offense, if it had ever happened. Which it didn't.

Truth, Justice, and the American Way.

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He was freaking awesome as Coach Herb Brooks in the movie "Miracle" BTW

Back when America was proud to beat commies

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He said "to the current crop of 'leaders'" not that's what HE thinks

User name

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You do realize tens of millions of middle and lower-income seniors have no choice except Medicare because of the cost of health care, right?

Or are you suggesting they have no health insurance at all?

Just don't get sick, and if you do, die quickly?

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Nah that just doesn't sit right with me.

Maybe because it isn't so?

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The French know how to do civil disobedience

They've been pushed around for their entire existence

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As a hockey fan and recreational player I would remind the San Jose Sharks out there in Silly-CON Valley:

Hockey players in the heat of battle are still gonna call each other "faggot", as in "Suck a dick, you fucking pussy faggot", and there's literally NOTHING you're gonna be able to do about it.

You fucking faggots.

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"We're busy committing treason, so we're monitoring social media to see if anyone is noticing."

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Yeah, how about we switch it up this time:


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When will people ever learn

Stop trying to troll this man

He's the best there ever was whose initials are not DJT

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LOL that's a banjo, not a ukulele...

...but, more important, why is the concert being held in the menswear department??

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Well they've already been crucifying Trump for eight years

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Endogenous HGH production can cause growth spurts up til age 25

Age 25 is at the tapering end of that curve, so it is more common for growth to cease at an earlier age

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