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I may be mistaken, but perhaps the White Hats are inside many "old guard" institutions making sure these institutions push themselves into destruction.

The media has always lied, but over the past few years, it has become obvious to more and more American's what they say in total lies. Have the patriots taken over Project Mockingbird, to make them seem more radical than ever?

Salvation Army just announced all white donors need to apologize. Are they really that stupid? If going woke destroyed Gillette, what's it going to do to a Salvation Army?

The medical industry, CDC, Big Pharma have probably always lied and hid cure from us, but suddenly it became obvious to anyone paying attention. If the vax goes bad, they are all looking at some serious lawsuits.

FBI has probably always been evil, but it's just been in the past year or two their corrupt behavior has really been over the top. The average person is starting to question if they are just a terrorist organization.

Is this crazy, or is it possible these organization are getting a gentle push from the White Hats to bring their desmise?

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So hang on, you're saying that in 2016, Bill De Blasio was actually a white hat patriot, and he was trying to wake people up by actually seducing kids and inducting them into and normalizing secret pedophilia?

Maybe the Twin Towers was simply a satanic ritual actually designed to wake humanity up by ritualistically murdering thousands and thousands and creating the perfect conditions for the Patriot Act so that more people could be woken up by abusing their privacy and rights?


Not very convincing, Heckles.

(Yes, fictitious example created but merely to highlight the bizarre logic your comment appears to be based on.)

Or perhaps you could give other examples of what you think are 'evil' things being done by people who are actually secretly working for good?

I mean, we're not talking about undercover people here, for example, who are forced to play along or engage in an evil activity in order to maintain their cover, but about good people deliberately hurting others "in order to wake them up".

I just see a LOT of evil people doing a LOT of evil things, and a LOT of good people becoming more and more aware of it, whereas in the past, we saw almost nothing of the reality of these evil people.

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