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It seems they have done that before. I don't think they could do that perpetually. Too many DS leaders are committed to staying alive and out of jail. They would eventually get the word out to their associates to disregard those talking points and to await the talking points in a new way.

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My guess is that every member of the DS has been controlled by videos of them doing horrible things. To keep everyone in line, all their lives, DS members have been warned "if these videos ever get out, you are finished!"

I believe the White Hats may have gained control of this treasure trove and they know it.

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whatever happened to the Jews in Germany ended almost 80 years ago. Since then there has been almost endless sympathy, propaganda, movies, and victimhood derived of it--something the 20 million victims of the Bolsheviks never had.

It is time to move on.

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why should anyone wish to ever speak ill of someone who is always so humble, kind, and benevolent?

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Driving a large car. National and hereditary ride.

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What does Kanye say about this?

by Kokonut
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Don't know his story, but he is someone relevant. I remember in 2020, you could see him walking around in the background of one of the blocked off voting places.

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It's going to get tough for these pieces of shit find a job in the future.

It's going to be evident to everyone they did nothing and have no skills.

Perhaps their main function was writing liberal narratives and running bot farms?

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only upside of this, is I can stop obsessing about current events. I will become Amish from now.

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I didn't!

Gee! He shared a post that said "What will the announcement be? Running in 2024? Announcing the storm?"

I was sure it would be the storm.

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My Fellow Americans, the storm is upon us...

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important day in history? All the teasing? OMG.

I can't take this.

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I haven't heard that yet

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I am number one in sharing hopium. But I have to admit, if it's let down, I'm going Amish towards my intake of news in the days to come.

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They already were angry at the unvaccinated. I would like to hear what anecdotes she has of this recently.

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All elections have been monitored by military. Military intervention is imminent.

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DJT Running as Speaker of the House in 2023

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