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We can't just laugh at their statements and shrug it off to the Loony bin. These people need to be taken down.

More and more people are rightfully referring to this mandate madness as the 'Beast System'. All the indicators are pointing in that direction. This doesn't mean it's so, but one should be acutely aware of the possibility.

Let me provide another insight to underscore the real possibility of the 'Beast' system being unfolded. We have all heard of the great tribulation in the Bible and there's been a lot of speculation of when this happens, if it all. What most people don't realize is that the original Greek word for 'tribulation' is thlipsis and actually means -- 'pressure'; 'burden', 'anguish'; 'to constrain'; 'to force someone' against their better judgment. The root word for 'thlipsis' is thlibō, which means -- 'to press (as grapes)', 'press hard upon'. This adds additional understanding to what is actually meant by 'Tribulation'.

Are we experiencing 'pressure' to get the genetically modifying injection? Is it being 'forced' on us? Are we being 'constrained' by absolving our rights and being discriminated against? Thus, being 'oppressed' and 'persecuted'?

Look at the totalitarian acts occurring in other countries? In Australia the army is going to door to door forcibly injecting the aborigines. Where is the outcry from other governments? Why are they silent in this most genocidal display of horrors? How is the Austrian government able to impose very discriminate mandates against half its population, who do not want to be injected with poison? Where are other governments condemning such brutal behavior? Is Germany next to follow?

The tyranny is advancing. Their acts are becoming increasingly oppressive. It appears this current regime in Washington DC is doing the same. At the direction of 'President' Joe Biden and in defiance of a recent Supreme Court ruling, the Centers for Disease Control issued an illegal 60-day eviction moratorium. The CDC? This is a clear abuse of their authority. If Biden simply flaunts SCOTUS rulings, what stops him from doing the same for other rulings, especially the federal court rulings against the mandate? He already stated publicly that companies should ignore the the 5th Circuit of Appeals ruling that temporarily halts the mandate. Are we to expect much more of this from the Biden Administration? Expect it. Tyranny only advances until the will of the people end it. Yes, they are afraid, but this only makes them take even more oppressive measures. They must be stopped now.

In the Solomon Islands huge protests against the government resulted in the burning of the parliament building. Those leaders who are imposing this madness must be taken out of office. If not, it doesn't matter how big the crowds are protesting the mandates. The government leadership views these protests as being part of the 'game'. To them, a large protest that occurs one day is gone the next. Business as usual. It's time for us to impose a great tribulation (pressure, burden, and constrain) on the leadership of government.