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Barack must be in hunting mode and on the down-low. Check the bathhouses.

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This is proof positive that transsexuals are mentally ill people. Everywhere you look, they intend to exact revenge against Christians. It's a tremendous burden for a transsexual to know they have become contrary to the Laws of Nature. Many of them are a genetic dead end and are very angry about their condition. They blame Christians for feeling alienated and Christians stand in the way of their rise to tyrannical madness. The rise of transsexuals are tomorrow's commissars. We are seeing increasing signs of this and for our own sake we better strike the root of this evil tree.

In the 1980s, transsexualism was listed as a mental illness in the manuals of the American Psychological Association and the World Health Organization. By current definition, we are told the terms 'transsexual' and 'transsexualism' are no longer used in the medical or psychological professions, having been replaced by 'gender dysphoria' in medical terminology. Owing to the previous association of transsexual with a mental disorder diagnosis, and a history of disparaging use in popular culture, the term is now often considered offensive in general use, especially among younger speakers. In other words, transsexuals have been treated as social outcasts in society. Make no mistake, our society has been historically Christian oriented. So, the motive for revenge is directed at Christians. And Audry Hale is an example of it. Ordinary people using the 'wrong' identity terminology have found out very quickly the wrath and anger of these sick people. Just as the abusive treatment of federal Judge Kyle Duncan and refusing him to speak at Stanford for his refusal to use a transgender sex offender’s “preferred pronouns” in a 2020 opinion. We now see this in full display with Kellie-Jay Keen (Posie Parker) with the hostile mob that attacked her preventing her from speaking for traditional woman's rights. Those who recognize Nature's Laws as incontrovertible have found themselves on the wrong side of the current crazed public policy. The precedent is being established that 'wrong speak' means being fired from their jobs, being beaten, and being convicted of 'hate' speech. Look at this recent example. Instead of debating the issue, the transsexuals abused Alex Stein. To read, more on how transsexuals, sodomists, pedophiles. and lesbians became commissars in post WWII Eastern Europe to persecute, torture, and murder thousands of Christians, click on:

SHOCKING: Brit Kellie-Jay Keen Attacked and Mobbed by Trans Activists in New Zealand (VIDEO)

I do not state this lightly. The United States is repeating the history witnessed in Eastern Europe. It will only get exponentially worse. Public outrage must be voiced to stop this from reoccurring. Let this recent tragic event in Nashville, TN be remembered that transsexuals are mentally sick individuals.

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I don't know if you're old enough to remember the news about Paul's putative death. I remember it quite well. My sister was an avid Beatles fan. Upon hearing the news, she locked herself in her bedroom and refused to come out. I sold a VJ label "Introducing the Beatles" album to a friend for $150 in 1972. At today's price, this rare label is probably 10X the amount.

Not too long ago, an Italian forensic facial reconstruction analysis team known for their work with the police in identifying human remains all through Europe were put up to the task to end this 'rumor' once and for all concerning Paul McCartney being replaced by someone else. Their work of piecing together all the photos prior to 1966 and after 1966 resulted in a shocking affirmation that the later Paul was indeed not the same Paul McCartney prior to 1966. This was publicized worldwide and I recall reading about it. Shortly later, a certain surprise guest showed up on the David Letterman show to personally discredit the finding. It was Paul McCartney. I was't a believer then, but it certainly changed my view on the possibility....... It's a valid argument.

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Surgeon: "Yes, it can be done. We can make your body young again!"

Fool: "OMG, I can't wait to have a new body."

Under the sedative and the scalpel, the surgeon carefully cuts the head off.

Surgeon: "Oops, the patient just died."

Nurse: "Oh doctor, what do we do know?"

Surgeon: "Well, we can harvest these organs to cover our costs."

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".... like arguing that pitching and catching is the same thing."

A similar argument is women make small differences larger and large differences smaller.

In other words, don't get your your curler iron tangled in your underwear on this.

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Why is the FBI involved.... Is this a federal case? You know as well as I. They have to be requested to come in a State and local issue. Let me guess who the mayor is of Nashville. Is it a democrat?

In October 2019, Mayor Cooper reversed an executive order implemented by former mayor David Briley in his last few weeks in office that reportedly discouraged local cooperation with federal immigration authorities and encouraged the repeal of state laws described as "anti-sanctuary" laws.[16]

Enough said. Now you know.

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Our government was based on Common Law. The question is how is it possible to change that to sharia law? I see a whopping conflict and starting with a woman out of judicial decorum dress. Can anyone say CONFLICT?

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Seldom do parents read the fine print when enrolling their children in public schools. The contract parents sign surrenders their rights as custodial parents when those children are in public schools. You didn't know this? The public school becomes the de facto guardian of these children. Teachers know this. I don't agree with this one bit, but I know this is true. There is a reason why parents are legally referred to as 'guardians'. This is why teachers have little respect for parents. Perhaps, there would be better success in attacking the contract with its terms and conditions. Otherwise, home school your children or find a private school that isn't taking government grants or subsidies.

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Let’s Get to the Truth and Examine the ‘Religion of Peace’ Humza Yousaf represents.

Did you know Islam waged over 548 battles with the classic civilization of Greece and Rome?

There were over 200 battles in Spain alone. North Africa, the Middle East, and India are not included in this count.

Dr. Bill Warner has put together a data base showing the Jihad wars against Christian Europe and expansion. Here’s a 5:48 minute video showing the an animated chronology of it.

A longer and more in-depth version (44:59 min) can be found HERE.

Islam has killed more people under its barbarous rule than any other conquest in all of history.

In India alone, over 400 million people were brutally murdered under Islamic occupation.

India’s population is said to have been around 600 million at the time of Muslim invasion. By the mid 1500’s the Hindu population was 200 million. The historians and biographers of the invading armies and subsequent rulers of India have left quite detailed records of the atrocities they committed in their day-to-day encounters with India’s Hindus. The genocide suffered by the Hindus and Sikhs of India at the hands of Arab, Turkish, Mughal and Afghan occupying forces for a period of 800 years is as yet formally unrecognized by the World.

The Islamic conquest of Afghanistan in the year 1000 was followed by the annihilation of the Hindu population, in which the region is still called the Hindu Kush, i.e. “Hindu slaughter.”, or Here.

Europe suffered a similar fate with so many battles, in which entire villages perished with survivors taken away, many castrated, and sold as slaves. The real cause of Europe's Dark Ages was the abrupt stoppage of European trade on the high seas, especially the Mediterranean Sea as a result of the constant brutal Islamic raids and pirating.

Finally, the Dark Ages makes sense!

How does a civilization such as the Roman Empire turn into a dark era where all the marvels of Roman engineering and technology seem to abruptly halt and forgotten? Look at all the incredible engineering feats the Romans implemented with massive building projects, perfecting the arch, building massive aqueducts, dams, sanitation, and road systems, which still exist today 2000 years later. A forgotten technology of cement of which is far more superior than today’s technology. How did this all come to an end? The real cause was Islamic jihad causing massive interruption of trade. The onslaught of Islam created an era of widespread economic depression.

Why have we not been taught this in our schools?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo&ytbChannel=Political%20Islam >> “No longer available” >> “… suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.”

Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_To-cV94Bo




The many, many wars Islam has waged is greatly suppressed.

A sample taken for a twenty-five year period (1975 to 2000) found there has been 225 books written on the Christian Crusades compared to only one book written on the Islamic conquest.

Let’s be honest, the Crusades were a failure compared to the vast Islamic conquest of the lands extending from Spain to India.

All lands except Spain and India have been retained by Islam. The Islamic conquest was quick and brutal. We know in an expanse of only sixty years, Islam spread from the lands extending from Spain to India.

Islam is not a religion of peace. It is the exact opposite.

Islam is a political ideology of perpetual brutality and war masquerading as a religion.

It is comprised of despotic laws set over the masses for the purpose of controlling the populace under autocratic rule. Contrarily, the Muslim autocracy and its elite live their lives behind the security of guarded compounds. Their privacy, wealth, and political power, in effect, make them exempt from these same draconian laws. Under this ideology, the Islamic male is entreated to be master over women, who are treated as chattel with few rights if any.

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Australia is a beautiful country. I traveled there to several places across Australia and met plenty of the old outback ‘crocodile Dundee' types. I was even invited to go 'Roo hunting. This was well before the gun confiscation in Australia. This evil agenda to disarm Aussies was spawned out of the big south-eastern cities and based on a hoax. I thought there was plenty of ‘wokeness’ (before it was called ‘wokeness’) existing in these big cities and it was odd and even queer. After drinking some Foster’s in a local pub, I remember reading the graffiti written on the bathroom stall. It was different from typical American graffiti because it tended to consist of political left-wing scratchings. Some of it that come to mind was “No Nukes” and “Save the Planet…”, etc. With a tune still in my head, I decided to leave some graffiti too. I wrote, “The future is uncertain and the end is always near”. I thought this might be innocent and a provocative thought…. After all, it was a Jim Morrison lyric. After a couple more Foster’s, nature soon drew me back to the rest room. At the same stall, I discovered that an Aussie already responded quite angrily to my graffiti. In Australia I guess this was the predecessor to the Internet. It said, “You Americans want nothing but death and destruction”. Wow. That blew me away. How did anyone know who wrote that? I looked over my shoulder and soon left the place.

Later on in my travels, I went to Perth. There, my accommodation arrangements fell through. I ended up needing a place to stay and some Aussie I had been talking with was kind enough to offer me his residence. He insisted it was alright and I was foolish enough to oblige. It turns out he lived in a high rise apartment and I recall he had an electronic code for opening his door. I never saw one of these locks before that time. When I entered, I was absolutely amazed at the size of the flat he had. It was quite literally a mansion like that of the rich and famous. It had marble floors with elaborate furniture everywhere. To see this was amazing, but unnerving.... obviously, this dude had a lot of wealth and it became obvious to me this individual must be well-connected. We talked for a bit. Then just like that, he said, "make yourself comfortable on the couch. I have things to do tomorrow, so I need to go to bed." He exited and I was left there alone wondering if I made a mistake. I decided that maybe it was.... the lavishness and affluence of the place was a bit intimidating to me. I recall asking myself, “Who was the dude?” Whoever he was, I no longer felt comfortable in finding out. So I got up and left. I’m sure glad I got the hell out of there. I just had this ominous feeling.

Thinking back, I believe this dude was politically connected. Our conversation earlier centered on a lot of political issues. At the time and compared to American democrat politics, this Aussie was politically far left of the dominant ‘blue dog’ democrats of the time. I thought he was a socialist, but now I believe he was a globohomo. I thank God for protecting me and giving me enough instinct to avoid any impending situation that may have developed. Leaving when I did was a good decision. I can't imagine how bad it is in Australia now, but when I traveled there, there was a socio-political tension I observed that seemed to exist under the surface.

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My deepest condolences to you, purkiss80. I truly regret hearing this. My prayers are with you, your family, and your brother.

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Civil war in Israel is a struggle between versions of wickedness. Secular Zionism vs. Kabbalic Zionism.

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Attorney Matt Stave of Liberty Counsel caught the DoD lying. At that time Comirnaty was not approved for use in the United States until 2023. The DoD lied to a federal judge claiming the Pfizer mRNA injectoid was Comirnaty. As Matt Staver points out that doesn't matter because even if it was Comirnaty, itr was not approved by the FDA for use in the US.

The reason why Biden keeps extending the EUA is that it shields Pfizer against lawsuits.

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You haven't made the mug yet? It almost sounds like you are a potter with a brick furnace. Nevertheless, it's worth the wait. I'm sure the design will be more than splendid.

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'State sanctioned Kidnapping' is already a thriving multi-multi-billion dollar business. CPS knows this quite well. During the Clinton Administration, the democrats enacted bonuses for placing children in homes. This consequence of this act was that CPS with the aid of armed police would confiscate children out of homes on 'anonymous' tips, which all too many were fraudulent. Parents were given restraining orders and prevented from knowing where their children were while foster care worked on selling these children, so that they would receive their bonuses. Democrats started this, and in particular, it was Senator Joe Biden that created VAWA that greatly made things worse and has brought us to the present state of affairs. Again, its always the democrats pushing this government tyranny.

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Good to see there's movement in Belgium on this. I hope other European countries are doing the same. Sodomy is not "sex". Words mean something. Don't use the enemies terminology that lessons the abusive perverted act by calling it "sex". It's not.

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It seems Kellie-Jay Keen (Posie Parker) the founder of "Standing for Women" is similar to the growing "Trad-Wife Trend" movement that will help unshackle women from their enslavement to the gynaeceum. Lets start by looking at what actually is happening with the lockstep obedience to be working career women and supporting abortion. It's really all about controlling reproduction and.........That's right. it's population control. It's well fund too. Let's look at the rise of transvestites (eunuchs) invading women sports and personal spaces like bathrooms.

Did you know historically that eunuchs were given charge of the caliphate's harem? Did you know the European version of the harem was called the 'gynaeceum'? It also charged eunuchs to head the gynaeceum.

What we are witnessing today is the same history occurring. Transgenders are eunuchs. These transvestites are being allowed to take control of women's activities. Twenty years ago I saw this development. There was instituted a vastly unseen and pervasive State-run harem or gynaeceum. It was too hidden and compartmentalized for Americans to grasp it taking hold. Many men who experienced divorce and discovered the vast majority of child custody is awarded to the mother, along with draconian court ordered child support orders, saw a glimpse of it. Unfortunately, the government institutionalized gynaeceum tended not to be recognized by the vast majority of them. Most of these men never saw what hit them.

With the well-financed "transgender" (eunuch) agenda moving into women's traditional spaces, consider how this all fits into the following feminist movement. Provided below is the public policy plans with their individual thresholds and development:

Stages for Creating the Gynaeceum

1. Tradition Family - This is the Christian traditional family where the Male is the patriarch.

➡ Public policy: Males are then debased. Female is empowered. The Gynarchy is started. ↩

2. Single Parent Families - Traditional family is deconstructed. Male is replaced by the State as provider and becomes patriarch.

➡ Public policy: Mothers are then debased. Males are already controlled. Rise of the Gynarchy. ↩

3. State-run family - Female is replaced by the State as provider and Matriarch. Transgender eunuchs are used to completely dominate women and are their voice.

➡ Public policy: Mothers become assistants to the State. The Gynaeceum is fully institutionalized. The Gynarchy is universal.

For these callous changes to occur, raising children must be monitored and controlled from birth.[11], [12] To avoid backlash and the spark leading to rebellion, parents will be compelled to give allegiance to the regime. Otherwise, it will be considered a treasonous act. They will swear an oath that their children are the future defenders of the government and its public policy.

At first, parents will serve as the State's guardians and caretakers of their children. Parents will not know their children have been made wards of the government until it is too late. Courts already designate a maternal presumption in divorce.[13] The rising Gynarchy will serve to destroy the last vestiges of patriarchy and degrade the male to the role of essentially a sperm donor. Females will be empowered and designated as the guardians of their children with the assistance and welfare of the State. This authority is required until the government establishes the infrastructure to raise children from the time they are born. State mandated daycare centers will be established and compulsory education will be imposed. They will provide the necessary propaganda to prepare children for their occupational station and service to the government.[14]

In the future, mothers will be eliminated as parents, non jus personarum. Women will not be needed for child rearing. Essentially, they will be reduced to the role of surrogates for bearing children. The absent father, already deposed, is hopelessly under the jurisdiction of the Gynarchy. If he desires to see his offspring, he will have to go through the bureaucracy. When he does see them, it will be with strictly supervised visitation - for he is considered a threat to the State.

Single mothers will be blamed for the great social problems caused by their undisciplined children.[15] American society has already been greatly affected by a deluge of criminals and misfits.[16] Public reproach will serve to make women feel inept and fearful for their security. They will readily hand over their children to the government to protect their State-provided welfare. The Gynaeceum will be fulfilled at this time. Females will accept the State orphan solution and will be greatly deceived. In reality, a terrifying sin will be committed by selling their kindred's birthright into slavery. Few will ever figure it out and even fewer will openly resist this evil. Their new masters will pacify them.

The organic female instinctively desires to be close to her child; to cuddle and nourish it. She will be encouraged to assist the State by becoming a wet nurses to spend more time with her children. There are already nursing businesses for this purpose. The regime will provide women employers with incentives of enhanced maternity leave. Indeed, the State will make it fashionable and women will in turn embrace the welfare.

There at a central place, mothers will meet under the tutelage and supervision of the Gynarchy's Lesbian and eunuch transgender officials. As their toddlers suckle at their breasts, they will feel comforted to be with their children and among other females. To women it is perceived as a safe house; a haven for women to reflect; to talk about inward things, . . . and help others carry out their feminine duty to the superstate. The Gynaeceum has been institutionalized. It is seen in every population center. Each female has accepted her place in the new order as women have done throughout the history of conquered nations. Heuristically, they abhor violence. As long as the new peace is maintained (even if it is brutally oppressive) they will tend to the things that provide them comfort and security.

Males will not have a voice. The fatherless society will continue to be enforced. Men will be encouraged to invest their seed in sperm banks. With the decreasing sperm counts in European and American males,[17] men may want to preserve their seed in the hopes of continuing their progeny. The increasing "lesbian-ization" and misandry of women has already spurred a movement in this direction. A growing number of Lesbian couples have chosen to be artificially inseminated by sperm donors.[18] The government increasingly supports it.

Parental Licenses

The regime will issue parental licenses[19] as a measure to further control reproductive rights and population.[20] This has already been proposed.[21] During these times, every female will be reminded of her sex's total failure as single parents. The State will also assure men are known [to women] to be inherently violent, especially against women and children. As a consequence, females will accept parental licenses as a measure for the public good.

Psychologists, sociologists, and psychiatrists will be employed to assure each heterosexual relationship is beneficial to the new society[22] These government agents will scrutinize the most personal views of men and women alike. They will assure that each person thinks correctly and is not a threat to the regime. The Ministry will enforce compulsory foster care from birth. As a precondition to the license, parents will turn their infant over to a "State qualified" foster care center. The mother will be allowed to visit and nurse her newborn. The father will be greatly restricted.

"The creation of a new social value in the United States goes through a process of identifying and discussing an issue in organizations and the media. Persuading arguments in the form of editorials, essays and political policies shape the issue so that it assumes the specificity of a value. Then education promulgates the need for the value. Finally, legislation embeds the value in our society."[23]

The ruling class will control the nation's population, its reproduction, and the stock of its herd. It is the stated goal of the financial cabal and the United Nations to bring the world population down from the present 6.2 billion down to 500 million using warfare, famine and disease.

"The present vast overpopulation ... must be met in the present by the reduction in the numbers now existing. It must be done by whatever means necessary...."[24]


[11] The Family Support Act of 1988 (Pub. L. 100-485), Section 1615 of the Small Business Job Protection Act of 1996 (H.R.3448, became PL104-188 8/20/96) Both laws require newborns and children to have Social Security Numbers.

[12] Don Harkins, "Midwives Pressed into Big Brother's Service," Idaho Observer, Sept. 2000. www.proliberty.com/observer/20000913.htm, https://web.archive.org/web/20210418084937/https://www.proliberty.com/observer/20000913.htm

[13] Timothy Horton, "Winning Your Divorce ­ A Man's Survival," p. 93. 1994

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[15] See "Statistics" at Robert Muchnick's web site, Center for Children's Justice, http://www.childrensjustice.org/, https://web.archive.org/web/20030209053113/http://www.childrensjustice.org/

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[17] Sperm count decreased from 113 million per ml in 1938 to 66 million per ml in 1990. A. Michael Warhurst "Introduction to Hormone Disrupting Chemicals," http://website.lineone.net/~mwarhurst/human.html, https://web.archive.org/web/20010407062911/http://website.lineone.net/~mwarhurst/human.html

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[20] Widely practiced in China and India.

[21] Jack C. Westman, ""Licensing Parents: Can We Prevent Child Abuse and Neglect?"

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