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No, I don't mean a physical place.

So what do I mean?

Where were you in 2016?

How much has changed since then?

Does today look anything at all like what 2016 did?

How many things did you like then that you now find absolutely revolting?

Imagine you were in a dark room with a small light in front of you. You can't really make anything out, but you get a sense that something isn't right. Sometimes the light flickers and you see something scary, spooky in the corner, but it quickly fades back into the darkness.

Now imagine what would happen if the whole room was blasted with constant light.

You look around and see all the scary monsters surrounding you.

From your perspective, is that even the same room? Or are you now in a different place?

That's what's about to happen (is happening) to the normies out there.

WE know the room has always had monsters in it, even when we couldn't see them. That's why we were picked -- so someone is there to keep everyone calm when the lights come on and everything is bathed in light.

We can't risk someone freaking out and, desperate to make the monsters go away, try to destroy the light source such that the dark returns and they don't have to face their fears, dooming us all to endless darkness in the process.

Us Anons have been in The Storm ever since we realized that shifty thing in the corner wasn't just our imagination. Everyone else is about to be transported, in their own minds, to an entirely new and horrifying world.

In reality, it's the same place we've been all along.

We must be ready to explain that the monsters fear the light, and that everyone was in far more danger when the lights were dim and the monsters could get close and hide in your shadow.

Just because the monsters are writhing, hissing, and beating their chests in the light doesn't mean we have more reason to fear them now as they throw a tantrum. A calm mind knows the only reason they are posturing is because now THEY are afraid.

That's The Storm, and we're already in it. Others are starting to arrive to this destination en masse, and not by their own choice; as opposed to us who actively sought out the journey to the center of the tempest and found a relative peace of mind in what is happening.

It's calm in the eye of the storm.

Anons are currently in the center of that eye, casting lights out for others to follow -- the calm before, and during.

Some will try to flee the storm and be lost in it. Others will see our light and join us within the the eye of the storm, sheltered from the winds as we move WITH the eye, harbored from the culling.

You may get tired. You may get depressed.


Don't sit still. Don't give up.

We have to keep moving with the eye of The Storm, otherwise we will perish same as them. All that you know you know doesn't matter a lick if we don't all move through this together. If you get tired, turn to your friends who are there with you in the eye of the storm.

That's what WWG1WGA means.



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Fantastic take, anon.