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I noticed that all of those earthquakes are happening in the water off the coast of Oregon, potential watch the water connection?

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I honestly think "watch the water" is all about the Maxwell organization, that is supposably closed down, even though she claimed she was a citizen of Terramar, in court this past week. Terramar was all about cleaning up the ocean and such but, since you can be a "citizen of Terramar" and she still stated she was one, did they create a new country out in the Oceans with their own rules and regulations and population? Or is it the shipping containers parked all over out there, could be setting up for a coastal attack? hrmm.. those two water events sound more solid than earthquakes where you dont have control over them.. too much.

As far as earthquakes, the ring of fire has been VERY active this past few weeks, again. Lots of 4+ and 5's.. Anyone know much about South Sandwich Islands? There hasnt been over a day when they are not in the red down there (earthquakes). heh. Yeah, that spot off Oregon has been lit this last couple days now, hope it don't spread inland oO

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In NZ there is the Three Waters infrastructure power grab. All 67 of the local councils are to give their infrastructure to the Central Government under Nanaia Mahuta, the tattoo-faced monster that looks like Jabba the hut. The councils are offered a fraction of what it cost them to build the infrastructure. My local council had just spent a fortune on a sewerage plant, so were particularly reluctant. In the first few rounds the CG said that there would be an opt-out clause. Then, just recently, Nanaia said it is to be mandatory. This, after most councils refused to take part because they have spent nearly a century building the infrastructure with rates received, and minimal borrowing. The central government claims that ratepayers will have to pay double or triple the water rates in order for the water to be potable. And are offering millions for the supposed deal. However, as stated, those millions are a fraction of the cost, and more insultingly, the millions are a loan, not a payment for services. So, it is a weird fait accompli, because the loan will immediately raise rates, in repayment.

The advertising campaign had images of muddy water coming out of taps, which was particularly offenisve. New Zealand's tapwater is very good in most places. There are some jurisdictions that have problems with a funny taste, such as New Plymouth with the mouldy taste, and Tauranga that tastes like swimming pool. But people just get water filters for that.

The worst part is that most ratepayers would not even have a clue that this power grab is happening. They will find out when the rates suddenly jump up, and there will be lots of Poi dances next to new treatment plants, for our collective edification, I'm sure. Not that ordinary Maoris will benefit in any way.

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I just spoke to a friend who is spending a few weeks in Portland, and he hasn't felt anything like an earthquake.

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The Abyss (1989)

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Since I have started Watching the Water I have seen the following:

LdR on 8chan talking about how we will helplessly watch our babies die of thrist.

I have read about Nestlé pumping water free from the ground and then selling it back to us as the natural aquifers run dry.

Lake Meade being bled dry and Nestlé plays a part in that too.

Saw a missle launched from a sub and then saw it get memory holed.

Watched the Navy sub hunt in the Atlantic for a month

Hacking attempts made at municipal water treatment facilities.

Container ships stacking up on the coasts.

Epic floods in China destroyed lives land crops and their coal industry. Fall got skipped in northern China and the snow piles up in places I expect the spring thaw after a dark winter will be very good time to start watching the water there again. 5 dams burst this year how many next?

Water watching is important it would seem.