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I recommend the book How The Nation Was Won by H Graham Lowry.

He covers this but his claim was that Franklin was essentially using them to gain intelligence and trolling them.

It also covers the Jesuits and how they took control of the British crown in the century leading up to the revolution.

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Lin has been calling out the election fraud since day 1 there is no way he is cooperating against him.

Regardless of what anyone thinks of Lin this was obvious

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Sometimes Elon's use of their symbolism is so over the top it's almost like he's trolling them.

It's hard to figure him out.

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It would be the most epic thing imaginable, literally cannot think of a cooler scenario.

I do not believe nor dismiss the theories and the questions I raised previously I still have no answer to.

Why would Q promote a doc with that theory? Knowing it would provide false hope.

Why would RFK Jr. seemingly promote the theory as well?

And why does RFK Jr's lawsuit "accidentally" have JFK Jr. as the defendant and not RFK JR.

There's certainly enough evidence to warrant the question and by God in heaven it would be glorious.

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I don't either but I really really want to and I don't have a good answer to the questions I raised

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I've always held on to the JFK Jr. pipe dream because the first documentary which suggested this was the one by that Hollywood stuntman that Q himself promoted.

Why would Q promote it knowing it would implant false hope of JFK Jr?

RFK also seemingly hinted at JFK Jr. being alive on two separate occasions.

During a livestream someone in the chat jokingly said "IF JFK JR IS ALIVE TOUGH YOUR NOSE" and RFK smiled and touched his nose.

He also posted a picture on his instagram of him standing next to a person wearing the Guy Fawkes mask and said "Are you ready?"

The person is the same height that JFK Jr. would be.

I know it's a high hope, but honestly JFK Jr. or Trump being Q is the only thing that warrants the "Wait till you see who's been talking to you here" post.

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Half of Congress. Not forgetting just making the connection with the Q post. Israel alongside ours and other Intel agencies and cabal players.

Total inside job

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They didn't listen because they were busy planning it themselves.

This was an intelligence operation

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There's never been a better time to buy. Maybe wait until 16s again but either way you're golden.

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It would have already mooned if it wasn't for outright manipulation and corruption.

If you actually believed in the cause of this forum you would know that manipulation and corruption is coming to an end.

What do you figure is going to happen to AMC and GME once that corruption is removed?

Buy now while you still can and don't be dissuaded by useless FUD from morons who have no idea what's about to happen in this country

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I want him to either win the primary or be Trump's VP pick so fucking bad

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This is the interview it's allegedly from, I'm listening to it now to see if he actually said this.

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Col. Macgregor said it's because they are trying to limit civilian casualties as much as possible making most engagements and styles of warfare moot.

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Sororities and fraternities are like the juniors for Freemasonry.

They both probably got recruited

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NIST was the group hired to investigate the collapse of the buildings and their "official conclusion" was that all buildings collapsed due to fire and damage from the planes, including WTC 7.

They were running cover for the op without a doubt.

You can even see the little rat giving the explanation is nervous and he knows he's lying through his teeth.


They think we're retarded.

"This type of collapse is a very rare event." --- More like it's an impossible event without the use of demolitions.

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That was my very first "wtf" moment for 9/11 then I saw and heard about WTC 7 for the first time years after the fact and that sealed the deal.

Anyone who can watch WTC 7 and still lie to themselves astonishes me.

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Yeah I just went thru them all with "911" and "9/11"

And there's only one post where an anon asked Q about the guy who was captured in Syria who was wanted for 911 and Q said simply "Who captured?"

This is the single and only Q post referencing 911 and it didn't mention Israel or anything specific so the theory could still stand.

Also anyone who has researched 911 knows Israel and Mossad were heavily involved so this is really 'dasting

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