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That's right. We already have an exemption. It's called the 1st Amendment.

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I think the Marines were like

hmmm what happens when you piss off 3000 marines and they feel like their country isn't theirs anymore and all the suffering you've caused them was for nothing.

OH, they get together and blow shit up and assassinate world leaders

OK, vaccine mandate gone!

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Lol sounds about right

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Watch this carefully! Marine Corps public Affairs jumped the gun because they were getting roughed up in the press. Insider word is neither of these were true accommodations. Both were administrative and the individuals approved were getting out anyway. Marine Corps tried to characterize it as an appeal. Either lied to a federal judge and American public or they set precedent that appeals are approved despite their zero tolerance stance.

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the Marine Corps said it had received 3,350 requests for religious exemptions and had processed 3,212 of them, adding that two of the requests had been granted. No additional information was offered about the details of the requests or why they were granted.

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Small ratio