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Even our side has a believe all women mentality unless it's specifically someone that they don't like

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Anyone who thought this was over was just being delusional.

I called this as well, because it was so obvious.

Expected an old granny though.

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Surprisingly a lot of suburbs don't let you have fences.

I do not want to live in those areas.

I want to..as one would say.. build a wall.

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Elon just needs to have a live debate with someone and tweet that it's boring in the middle of it

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Joking is a coping mechanism and we all do it.

Doesn't mean the people joking don't want answers.

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It's literally one of many fringe cases brought up by abortion activists, and you know it.

Stop all abortion, period and make the goal to save the lives of both where possible, instead of just one.

When it comes to non-viable 8 week olds with defects like parts of their brains missing or their heart didn't develop, that's a difficult question to answer but it is a very very small fraction of a percentage of the total country births, and if there is an increasing percentage of these problems then we need to be looking at what we are doing to cause that.

We cannot allow people to kill babies willy-nilly because of a very very small number of cases that could be accounted for if the left were acting in good faith.

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My belief in Q is as fluid as a leftist's idea of gender and sex at this point, but I have primarily thrown my lot in with those here and hope for the best for several reasons.

What I see from "non Q supporters" is that they're afraid to be associated because the media has been making them afraid. They're angry because they think we have somehow detracted from the overall MAGA movement.

Even though this isn't the case, because while they just meme about shit and effect zero change, there are those of us here who go out on to the battlefields and try to change minds.

We have more focused posts here on current events. Half the time, for Patriots.win, it's just memes. For a solid 10% of posts, there's always some Anaconda alt shitting on us for no reason.

Honestly I respect not believing in a plan, because I like to think it will help incentivize you to get off your ass and do something. But you look at Patriots, and it's just a bunch of circle jerking about Q bad, us bad, left bad, vote, vote, vote, meme, meme, meme.

Instead of treating us all as if we're all on the same side, different regiments or different forces within an army, they allow the media's wedge to shove between us which leads nowhere good.

I'm not ignorant that I am doing similarly by throwing Patriots.win under the bus here, but that's kind of the overall point. By trying to dehumanize or vilify us alongside the media and deep state trash, they are going to cause us to resent them back..which is just doing exact what the deep state is trying to facilitate.

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My girlfriend was born with a hole in her heart. Today, she is healthy (though requires medication), active and enjoys her life.

If a doctor had caused her to be aborted, I would never have been able to spend years to now with her, and years to come with her.

This is one of the fringe cases constantly brought up by these people, even.

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You can't just extract an 8 week old

Did you read one half of that paragraph and knee jerk a response without the second bit?

"or other procedures could be utilized in an attempt to save the child"


"This situation happens all the time"


The natural order is that a child is born, free from these fringe defects that you attempt to outline.

I used to think like you, until I finally realized that the point of constantly citing these fringe cases is not to defend those who might encounter these adversities (see: literally this part of my post that you conveniently ignored: "even when the exceptions for the fringe cases they continuously cite are accounted for. ")

But rather to use those fringe cases as a shield to protect their agendas and/or create a wedge issue.

There are two sides to this extreme: The left extreme wants to be able to kill babies. The right extreme says no under any circumstances.

But by continuing to allow them to use these fringe cases as a shield to protect ALL abortions, you are expanding the side that supports no abortions under any circumstances further into center.

You are actively hurting the people who may face these adversities in their lives, by using them as a shield to protect all abortion.

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Also, like... An extremely fringe suggestion. "Imagine having a baby dying in you and it being illegal to remove it"

It wouldn't be illegal. If the baby dies, you would still go through a similar process (probably) but the life of the baby no longer has consideration because it dies.

However, if it's dying, as in not dead yet, it could possibly be extracted for incubation as you state, or other procedures could be utilized in an attempt to save the child.

Further, in another fringe style case where the mother could die during child birth, you usually know these risks very early on. In a situation where things turn for the worse, a surgical extraction in a controlled and sterile environment has the potential to save both lives.

However making exceptions at this point shouldn't be on the table. Curbing this behavior at the root by stopping it is important.

Future exceptions can be made later on. It's clear that they pushed abortion much too far and it became a pillar of their entire political foundation, and it shouldn't have.

People need to ask themselves why they cling so ardently even when the exceptions for the fringe cases they continuously cite are accounted for. It's obvious there is a reason at play. You can look at it as a wedge issue or something darker, but either way it's nefarious.

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You are, but most people are in some way, it's okay buddy, I'm retarded too

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I don't care what people do in their bedrooms.

Stop asking for special treatment, stop trying for special bathrooms, stop having inappropriate parades, stop forcing everyone to "celebrate" for an entire month.

Understand that the world is shit and has shitty people in it and that goes for straight people, gay people, bi people, all people.

It doesn't make you oppressed or marginalized any more than we are oppressed or marginalized by the shitty people we meet in life.

Understand that you will meet people who don't agree with your lifestyle.

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The Asian girl is definitely cute.

The right one is repulsive in ways I can't describe because she reminds me of someone.

The left one's chest is so solid they look totally fake even in a tight top like that. I like my women to be real.

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Even if every single one in every single company were Jewish, framing it as "the Jews" is a losing battle.

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It's not exhausted.

Your tolerance is just built up, like the addictive chemical it is.

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The criminalization of crossing state lines to commit a crime?

We already have laws against that. Strike those down first then.

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Many people were fooled. People who buy that Republicans are good are still being fooled too.

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