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So I do contract work, and there's around 40 specialized contractors who come in and do the work, each with different specialties. In my specialty there are probably 8.

I was NOT ALLOWED to work there (the only one) for the last two years because I wouldn't get vaxxed or wear the mask. However, restrictions were lifted a few weeks ago and now over 15 of them are out with COVID. They are begging me to come in for more time than I can even possibly work this week, and I am laughing all the way to the bank. They haven't put two and two together.... it's bizarre.

Anyone else noticing the vaxxed all getting really sick right now?

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Yes I've noticed. A weekly report from (IIRC) the UK found that those with 3 doses greater than 5 months ago were at twice the rate now catching and being hospitalised than those with none.

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UK, Aus, NZ, BC Canada, and even Walgreens USA if I'm not mistaken.