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So I do contract work, and there's around 40 specialized contractors who come in and do the work, each with different specialties. In my specialty there are probably 8.

I was NOT ALLOWED to work there (the only one) for the last two years because I wouldn't get vaxxed or wear the mask. However, restrictions were lifted a few weeks ago and now over 15 of them are out with COVID. They are begging me to come in for more time than I can even possibly work this week, and I am laughing all the way to the bank. They haven't put two and two together.... it's bizarre.

Anyone else noticing the vaxxed all getting really sick right now?

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The truth wasn't "shown" to us, we had to search and research and try very hard to find it. But we did, and we are now the "purebloods". I'm not mean to anyone who was vaxxed, but if they ask me anything, I tell them the truth: all of it.

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The Truth was "shown" to you by your diligent efforts and you have shared it to others like myself and I appreciate your efforts and the others who have taken on this Herculean effort. But there a lot of good people who for various reasons have not visited this site or others like it.