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b472113 2 points ago +2 / -0

Thanks for all the information.

I know there were several different diesel engines in cars named 300D from 1977 until the mid 1990's. The 617 was one of them and I believe there were at least two other different diesel engines in cars named 300D.

Over the years I caroused the 616/617 diesel forums on the web so it's always good to get more info, thanks.

Mercedes put special exhaust valves on these 617 turbo diesels. THEY WERE different from the non turbo 617s. I believe they had chromium in them. MBZ really strived for excellence. With that in mind it boggles the mind why they wouldn't do something as simple and necessary as hardening camshaft lobes.

I bought this 300D turbo diesel in the late '80s with 80,000 miles on it. I put 300,000 miles on it since (@ 500,000 km).

The only thing I replaced on it was the engine vacuum pump, and that's only because I managed to procure a new factory pump for free and put it on for the hell of it.

There's a little rust, some lag in the rear axle, a few water leaks (easily fixed with bleach because the drainage lines get gummed up). Other than these few little nagging issues the thing has been solid as a rock.

Thanks again, take care.