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Wow. Washington Post just broke the news that @SecretService and @DHS DENIED additional resources requested by Trump’s security detail.

Both agencies said they never denied resources. They lied. SS Dir. Kim Cheatle and DHS Sec. Alejandro Mayorkas must both be fired or resign immediately.

Had the additional resources been granted, it’s likely that the assassination attempt never happens. The failure to approve these resources makes a compelling case that Biden’s Administration is directly responsible now for Trump and his voters being shot.

Absolutely infuriating. We need mass firings.

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CROWDSTRIKE & UKRAINE— How Does Trump Always know???

🔴 VIDEO #1 • “I still ask the FBI, where is the Server? How come the FBI never got the server from the DNC? Where’s the server? I want to see the server?

The server is, they say, is held by a company whose private ownership individual is from UKRAINE!” (https://rumble.com/v57lzxp-trump-2019-where-is-the-server-in-ukraine-with-a-private-company-crowdstrik.html)

🔴 VIDEO #2 • “it’s very interesting, they have the server from the DNC. The FBI went in and told them “Get out of Here. We’re not giving it to you”…

They gave the server to CROWDSTRIKE, or whatever it’s called. Which is a company owned by a very wealthy Ukrainian [Oligarch].

Why did they give it to a Ukrainian company? CROWDSTRIKE. (https://rumble.com/v57m058-trump-2019-they-gave-the-dnc-server-to-ukraine-crowdstrike.html)

🔴 VIDEO #3 (Media Panic. Damage Control)

Take your pick of reports… the MSM ran an intense coverup & distraction campaign.

🔴 VIDEO #4 — Director Comey

• Were you given access to do the forensics on those servers? —— Comey: We were not. A highly respected private company got access and shared with us (FBI) what they saw there.

In a nutshell…The DNC would NOT give access to the FBI for their servers or John Podesta’s devices, but they would give them to CrowdStrike. (https://rumble.com/v57m0fd-comey-under-oath-never-got-access-to-dnc-server-held-in-ukraine-by-crowdstr.html)

🔴 Details & Puzzle Pieces

• CrowdStrike is the cyberfirm that fabricated the entire claim that Russia hacked the DNC, which began Russiagate. —— they accused Julian Assange of working with Russia. —— Assange never revealed his source was, but it’s widely suspected and accepted that Seth Rich was the leaker; and they murdered him for it. —— CrowdStrike was later discovered to be working for the Clinton campaign. —— FOUR YEARS LATER, CrowdStrike CEO admitted, his contract was NOT with the DNC, but instead "with Michael Sussmann from Perkins Coie." Retained by Sussman & Clinton.

• The entire Russiagate Investigation started because the FBI relied on CROWDSTRIKE rather than independently investigate the "hacked" DNC servers.

🔴 NOW, How did Trump know when all intel agencies claimed otherwise?

Trump & the Military absolutely 100% knew what was going on and exactly where those servers were. —— 1. this is evident when Trump admitted to setting a Trap for Nancy Pelosi and and Adam Schif by allowing them to go through with Impeachment Hoax #2. (https://rumble.com/v500jk9-trump-on-the-trap-he-set-for-pelosi-and-schiff-in-impeachment-hoax-2.html) —— 2. This is evidence when The Biden Bribe Tapes Were “Leaked” — Calls of John Kerry, Biden, and Poroshenko (https://rumble.com/v55dhzb-the-biden-bribe-tapes-leaked-phone-call-of-john-kerry-biden-and-poroshenko.html)

🔴 The globalist Dems and Rino’s panicked, tried to impeach him, released a world wide virus, and now there’s a war in Ukraine… voila… narrative changed…

Now all those same Globalist’s can’t stop worshipping Ukraine, because they’re protecting their own interests and criminal activity…

🔴 Let’s not forget what happened In 2014. When The US effectively ran a coup and regime change —— How The CIA, our US Gov and traitors Obama, Biden, and Nuland (+others) overthrew Ukraine's government in 2014. Nuland was caught on tape planning Ukraines new government shortly after for goodness sake. (https://rumble.com/v45ag0x-leaked-phone-call-of-victoria-nuland-planning-ukraines-new-government.html)

🔴 LET’S NOT Forget how they Panicked When Trump was Elected

• Just after Trump was Elected, McCain and Lindsey Graham went to Ukraine, Desperately trying to get control of Eastern Ukraine since Donald Trump was just elected. (https://rumble.com/v45a6ju-john-mccain-lindsey-graham-and-amy-klobuchar-in-ukraine-december-31-2016.html) —— After their Trip, McCain and Lindsey Graham come home and desperately try to blame Russia (https://rumble.com/v45a9rr-war-pigs-lindsey-graham-and-john-mccain-after-their-trip-to-ukraine-jan-1-2.html)

Notice a pattern?

A lot of corruption leads back to Ukraine. Clinton’s, Obama, Biden… I would even argue Bush.

It’s not a coincidence Julian Assange was recently released, CROWDSTRIKE just had a Worldwide Outage, and they just tried to kill the man that’s been sniffing them out since he came into office in 2016. They’re panicking….

They’re Fooked…. Time is running out and They know it…

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REVEALED: The firm that took the suspicious and enormous bet against President Trump’s Truth Social stock ($DJT) ONE DAY before the assassination attempt is Austin Private Wealth LLC, majority held by George Soros’ Vanguard and BlackRock.

Coincidentally, BlackRock, the party that would have greatly profited from President Trump’s death, included the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks, in a 2022 promotional video.

Alex Soros infamously shared an Atlantic Magazine cover image which featured a bullet hole in glass, followed by a picture of cash which added up to the number 47, a message some interpreted as a cryptic death threat against President Trump.

Austin Private Wealth LLC is also connected to the late-President George H.W. Bush, who was a client, and through his son, President George W. Bush, who attended events and was involved in the company's charitable initiatives.

Bush family close associate James A. Baker III, a former Secretary of State and H.W.’s White House Chief of Staff, has served as the firms Senior Policy Director since its inception in 2006. Being that this was the largest bet the firm has ever taken, it’s fair to presume Baker had a role in making it.

It’s also important to remember the moment H.W. made a Sicilian style death motion toward a tv showing President Trump decimating his son Jeb during the 2016 Presidential primary.

Lastly, Austin Private Wealth LLC, according to their website, directly supports the ACLU, ADL Austin, Shalom Austin, Jewish Community Center, Camp Young Judaea, Congregation Beth Israel, Austin Jewish Academy, and Hadassah.

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Most of these people who are getting exposed are not the 'John Smiths'. I don't recall seeing any 'John Smiths.' A very high percentage of them are people in the position of caring. Such as health care workers and public school teachers, and a very large percentage of them profess 'Love' in their bio. They are supposed to be educated, But it appears as though they are the ones suffering from 'mental issues'.

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What's with this "destroyed their lives"?. That's bs. They can find another job.

It's not like what they avocate for...murder and terrorism.

Getting them fired is nothing more than a very strong kick to the pants.

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Lol, that's why I made sure I included the word 'official'

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Supposedly the official reason for this was that JFK requested it.

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She has had close ties with the Cheney's for years. Both Cheney's would want DJT out of the picture.

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John Wilkes Booth..........DEMOCRAT

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A lot to piece together. There are so many moving parts, including suspicious vehicles and packages that appear to have possibly been diversions which would indicate a coordinated effort.

Misinformation on the shooter’s ID said to be released by FBI to state troopers appears to be false. Radio transmissions that there were multiple shooters are being examined.

FBI did have multiple StingRay cell towers in the immediate area and my partners have geofencing data on the rally and a 4 square mile radius, but will not be sharing or commenting on such data until the FBI has had an opportunity to review.

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These MFers went for the throat with the Covid fabrication.

I hope they remember that when the torches and pitchforks show up.

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*** Great News ***

Projected costs for sustaining the F-35s have continued to rise from $1.1 trillion in 2018 to $1.58 trillion 5 years later (a 44% increase).

This increase is in part due to the extension of the service life of the aircraft from 2077 in 2018 to 2088 in 2023.


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The latest saga about the F-35.

"Few people even realize deliveries of new F-35s have been suspended for the past year.

Why are deliveries suspended?

Because they don't work properly. 🤣 They have NEVER worked properly.

The F-35B (STOVL version) and the F-35C (carrier version) are particularly problem-ridden.

And now it looks like the earliest possible "fixed-by date" has been pushed well into the 2030s.

The F-35 is not now, and it likely never will be "combat-capable". Like most US weapons systems, it was made to sell, not to fight."


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This woman is the best scum finder on the planet.

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' Official Job Reports' Are typically revised upwards when there is a Republican President and typically revised downwards when there's a Democrat.

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