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sleepydude 5 points ago +5 / -0

Cow = Informant / You milk them for fat(lucrative) information

A cow that grows a conscience is a whistle blower.

Gas Guzzlers = Conspiracy Theorists who expel Carbon Emissions (Black Talk/Blackmail)

Peta is saying they gotta clamp down on all informants, on both sides.

Dairy = Milked Information in general, including goats (low-tier Cabal members like the Freemasons who show up to every shooting with their take).

Chocolate Milk = Black Milk = Trade of Adrenochrome/Ambrosia (It's more than that, but good equivalent / life juices taken from children/young)

Considering the Chocolate Milk talk, it appears they are offering alternatives.

Oats, I think, refer to the Prostitution trade (soil your oats = tons of illicit relationships). I think they are saying, with all of this, that since there's too much conspiracy talk around the Abortion debate, they can't get their "Chocolate Milk" from Abortion centers at the moment. Hence the shortage in Baby Formula (Baby Stem Cells/Organs) as well.