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TheSageofMainStreet 1 point ago +2 / -1

After an HeirHead Meets His Guillotine, There Is Only Air Where His Head Used to Be

100% tax on inheritances and trust funds over $100,000 would eliminate the need for all those other taxes. Americans are under the spell of Preppy-loving brainwashing if they'd rather tax the living than the dead.

Large inheritances put inferior people in superior positions and gut the economy. That result acts like another tax on the unentitled. The plutocracy picks winners and losers in the next generation. That creates more and more unearned concentrated power as time goes on. Just imagine if pro athletes had the right to pass on their positions to their sons. Sports would turn into a joke after awhile. If you believe in heiristocracy, the joke's on you.

PowderRoomPolitics 1 point ago +1 / -0

sorry, I had forgotten about the inheritance tax. But I would make that the limit for each child who inherits. Why? Because parents have a more grounded idea of who deserves their money than the government does. OTOH, It would prevent parents who would rather help out while they are still alive from stalling that plan for a larger inheritance later....