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Amen and standing with you in agreement!

We Stand Behind You, HOSEQ!

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May the prosecutors names and memories be blotted out, and their offices given to those who will do justly!

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This! Praying for healing right along with you!

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This is what I love about Mike Lee and the other libertarian leaning Republicans: they have enough of the small-government ideals to be able to get in laser sight (hats off to Rand Paul -who has done LASIK surgery through Doctors Without Borders - for the illustration, and being one of the small l libertarians) the real problems this country has.

I further recommend that we all contact our Congress persons, (unless you either have a statist democrat or one of the people in Mike Lee's list, then call out your Swamp Critter for being what he or she is_) and tell them you agree with Mike Lee!

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I see no flaw in the logic, either!

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I do not Consent and I Will Not Comply!

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Thank you for the Heads Up on Keller Williams - I know there are likely to be some good people working for them, but this stinks! Forwarding to others needing.

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#38, Worst Of BB - We need one of these for the ladies, and I'd be happy to help write it.

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