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Amen! and that includes the loved ones who have gone on before us.

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Sweet potatoes. You can start them in a rather similar way as potatoes, but another way is to buy a sweet potato, use popsicle sticks or whatever to prop it up, and soak the bottom in water until it sprouts leaves, roughly 3 weeks or so. Then just plant it. in most places they will go wild and may even take over your whole garden.


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Thank you. 5 Golden Crackpipes.....

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That depends. If Diana loved and knew Jesus, even if it happened at the very end, she is in Paradise with Jesus now, and will be back at the Resurrection - 1 Corinthians 15.

But Repentance in Charles' case would require a public confession, (since the crime was public) and stepping down from the throne along with Camilla, his paramour, and renouncing evil, as well as making restitution to anyone he has harmed.

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Agreed! What they did to Diana is enough to wish them misery. (unless they repent!)

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sorry, I had forgotten about the inheritance tax. But I would make that the limit for each child who inherits. Why? Because parents have a more grounded idea of who deserves their money than the government does. OTOH, It would prevent parents who would rather help out while they are still alive from stalling that plan for a larger inheritance later....

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Look very closely, and you will see a double rainbow...the second will be above the first and in reverse color order.

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I believe that depends on what you meditate on more than anything. If you meditate on God's word, that's good. I agree with your point concerning blanking out the mind, as Scripture itself says, Come let us reason together...

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Everyone struggles with this, which is why Jesus told the parable of the unforgiving servant. When we see clearly and remember how much we have been forgiven for, it is far easier to forgive others:


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You likely are. I'd suggest the Gospels if you are going to start a reading plan, and bite size pieces at a time from the Gospel of Mark. (Mark is fast moving, and fairly easy to understand.

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If you are looking for some books with a firm foundation, I like RC Sproul.
In particular, Essentials of the Christian Faith, Faith Alone, (Which will give you some of the history of the Reformation) and The Invisible Hand are three I'd recommend.

Same applies to Ligonier Ministries videos, podcasts, etc.

Navigation in a Christian way is more about realizing we are always under grace and it is never about working (on our own) our way to Christ , heaven or anything else, because without Him. we can do nothing. I'd recommend reading Galatians through, Slowly.

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