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I'm tired too. It's helpful to keep in perspective how far we've come just this year. Take heart, friend-- we'll get through this.

God bless!

(Thank you for sharing your poetry.)

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I could see that happening.

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How many takes for this one?

Free on Wednesdays, eh?

What a putz. I am sick of that thin-skinned cretin.

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I followed Ariel on X and was very skeptical of him, but read a bit of his prognotiscation. He posted a photo of Scavino getting pointed at by Trump, and claimed it was over for him, or he betrayed Trump. I knew definitely that Ariel was full of it.

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Thank you!! Happy Mother's Day to you!

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(hug) I pray for God to guide you and yours through this. Think about how much stronger you all will be. πŸ˜€

God bless.

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He's working and hasn't forgotten you. (Hug) I pray for peace, strength, comfort, and guidance.

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Got an email to vote for GME board members. I haven't yet. I wanted to vote against each one. Does it matter at this point?

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