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Hahahahaha!!! Priorities. ;)

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I love that Branco keeps showing he has blood on his hands.

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People are tired and ran out of panic-induced adrenaline long ago. We need a break from all the treachery but they won't give it to us. We have to take it.

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We like Pensacola, but would love to visit further down the coast. Personally, I want to visit Jaco Pastorius' gravesite, but it's a bit of a drive.

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His own name is in quotations. He knows they weren't developed under his administration, but he had to set it all up to fight the DS.

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When I come across one, I'll share it. :)

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Some of the posts I've seen say as much. Certainly not all, but a few people. How am I off the mark?

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People on Gab call us cuckservatives because they believe the PF people are real patriots and the fact that we call the PF glowies/Feds makes us stupid. They're also the ones who blame a certain group for everything wrong.

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