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they realize that their whole twitter life is fake.

I was listening to a podcast the other day where a twitter user explained that when the bot purge happened his 80,000 followers dropped to a mere couple hundred (they were all bots). This person had conversations and interactions with these people for years and could not believe that everything they had thought was real was fabricated.

The twitter bot purge is going to turn peoples whole lives upside down. They have been delusional and led to believe that these bots views represent the world. It is going to destroy them when they come to find out that the reality they have been programmed to think was real was 100% fake. They have been living their lives for updoots and interacting with bots.

This is going to be hilarious to watch the melt down and people waking up to the TRUTH.

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Theres a theory on that.

The real internet ended about 2008 when AI started writing news articles just imagine the narrative a bunch of advanced AI bot armies can drum up now?