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Put the pieces together.. Fund is alleged to have placed 120M short position. Someone makes their filing go viral. Fund then says it's an error.

Fund is run by people on board of directors at crowdstrike. Crowdstrike conveniently hosts the cyber security systems of all the transactions and logs of the actual trade. Crowdstrike goes down to corrupt the receipts of the evidence.

It's all connected. This is the cover up.

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Understood. Disregard my comment. I find the scenario questionable and will leave it at that.

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Or maybe you're realizing you live in the matrix and everything is fake and gay?

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He'd be taking hundreds of photos of the same shot with the shutter speed he was using. So yeah, unless he is storing them on magic storage space, his memory card would be filled up very quickly.

Maybe he just wanted that perfect shot of Trumps hair.

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I hope you all understand that short sellers provide liquidity. Without liquidity when a sell off happens, it will sell off 100x harder.

Think about it... when stocks go down, short sellers cover, providing bounces. Without them, when a sell off happens it will go straight down. Expect a 1929 style collapse coming.

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I just posted about this. He drove the ladder in his Hyundai Sonota according to CNN article. https://www.cnn.com/2024/07/15/us/thomas-crooks-trump-rally-shooting-invs/index.html

Tell me how you fit that ladder into a tiny lil Sonota with the trunk occupied with an IED?

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Not everything is staged and a movie people.

Could be Biden ordered it.

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Every politician and three letter agency knew, not just staffers. They are all complicit.

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Yeah... that interview was disappointing for all of us who think a storm is coming. He also said he wouldn't be going after the criminals / drain the swamp because that wouldn't be good for our country and instead would destroy them with success.

Umm... no. They must be drained in order to be successful or else these unelected bureaucrats will continue its shadow operations of turning our country into a commie nation.

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He would bring the Christian, black and impoverished urban vote. America first would benefit bigly from him.

Build up the communities who need help and stop wasting resources on foreign lands who hate us but make DC rich.

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Could be speaking of a livestreaming feed... trumps media company, constantly talking about livestream news.

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I mean they are either buddies or big enemies. Guess we will find out.

Ken has been buying up all the property around Mar-A-Lago for years now.

Maybe Trump isn't selling and that is why Ken is out to destroy TMTG.. maybe Ken paid some cronies in NYC to say Mar-A-Lago is worth 15M, so when Trump is destroyed he can pick it up on the cheap.

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I use to think the same but after some digging we should be very cautious on DJT.

The optics on all of this fued is hilarious once you look into a few things.

For starters, Ken Griffin is literally Trumps nextdoor neighbor. It takes minutes to walk from Trumps house to Ken's.

We see this whole show being put on where Citadel is bashing TMTG and Devin is going to battle Citadel for their illegal shorting - yeah right. These two are playing us all for show.

No way in hell is Trump battling his neighborly friend Ken Griffin for anything. Nothing is going to happen here.

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Trump and TMTG will be bankrupt by the end of the year.

That is the plan they are playing. Trump has to be the victim and take all the slings and arrows.. only after he is destroyed will a new set of warriors come to spotlight. It just makes sense that he is sacrificing himself and his company to change the world for our children. My guess is that DJT goes bankrupt but you do what you want.

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Truth Social is going to need to do a lot more then just write some letters to congress to survive. They are up against trillion dollar tyrant tech companies who own DC and the world.

Given that the plan for Trump so far, has been to play victim and show how persecuted he is, I wont be surprised if TMTG becomes the next BBBY and goes bankrupt.

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Sounds like someone has been holding silver and gold and is frustrated that it's not at 70K and wishes they had bought btc.

The world is digital now and will only grow. The internet is not going to go away. Everything is connected to it. If the internet goes down the whole world ends and then what's the point of anything? You'll be back in the stone age and billions will die.

Invest in something that will better your life and your children's. A world without internet and everyone suffers... your gold and silver will only win in a non digital world and at that point you're better off with a bunker / missile silo to live out the rest of your life. Just pointing out reality.

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Flashlights will work but all other electronics and the grid which is grounded is going to to out? Got it.

Not gonna happen just like everything else.

Might as well go buy toilet paper instead because we all know thats what will disappear with the flares.

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