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How about an investigation into the real insurrection? F this clown show.

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The ship is already in motion to crash the world economy.

Expect major shut downs of everything in your life. Supply lines, power grid, transportation, hospitals, first responders.... everything is going to fail.

It only takes a few people leaving the workforce to watch everything crash and burn.

I realized long ago that 80% of an organizations employees are worthless and 20% are the heavy lifters who keep the ship floating. That said, the 20% that are doing the work are also the ones who take ownership and want to see things get done correctly while the other 80% ride the coat tails and collect a paycheck without taking any risks or owning any responsibility.

With that analysis, the 20% know they can thrive in any industry and are irreplaceable. The remaining 80% who just collect that paycheck are going to be the ones who have already been vaxd and have no moral compass or backbone. They will soon realize how screwed they are when every major deadline is missed and they lose every contract their company had due to these mandates.

This disaster is going to unfold quickly in the worst possible way. The airline cancellations will look like puppy bowl compared to the superbowl.

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No going back but no moving forward either. We are stuck in deceitful purgatory - we know they are lying, they know we know they are lying but they continue to lie to us because they can and nothing will change.

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Thank you Trump for operation warp speed! So great of Trump to usher in this tyranny.

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It is working out pretty well for them so far... You not paying attention?

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What was the song Q posted last? Something along the lines - We aren't gonna take it.

They can take that vaccine mandate and shove it up their ass

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Lots of vaxd people I know testing positive for COVID and they are all getting really bad symptoms.

Is the storm upon us?

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This is why the plan will not work. Yes the people together have power (WWG1WGA) - but no one is willing to go live back in the stone age and give up their creature comforts to stand up against a globalized deep state who controls all resources.

The deep state doesnt care about weeding you from society. They purged a whole sect from the internet and additionally purged patriot companies (Mike Lindell).

When China and the deep state control all sales of all goods, you cannot win unless you are willing to move to a secluded newly created world and disconnect from the system. No one is doing that - except for the Amish.

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Only thing people are doing is getting sick from eating 3 year old popcorn.

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NCSWIC! Nothing Can Stop What Isnt Coming!

Moves the carrot to a different stick and shakes it some more. Idiocracy is doing the same thing over and over again and yet people are still falling for it.

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Nothing burger again...

This is a never ending game of carrot on a stick.

Everyone is delusional... when nothing happens the spin begins of 'we had to trick the deep state to throw them off'

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I am sure everyone wants to see some miracle reveal that Biden is not POTUS, never has been, and this was all for show.

However, that is not going to happen. Some people here have just lost touch with reality.

I suspect the majority of this was put into action from Trump to discourage the deep state and foreign countries from interfering. It didn't, due to all the politicians and justice department being part of the con. It is what it is and most people can see it now - damage done - there is no recovering - people are awake.

Where we go from here is up to the people. WWG1WGA - its more then just a catch phrase.

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On Monday - the video will have disappeared (probably blamed on some rouge deep state agent breaking in and taking it) Then they will claim they have found a backup 2 weeks from now. However that backup will be on an encrypted hard drive that the only person who knew the password will have died from COVID.

All of these hopium articles are nonsense. Nothing is happening and people are just being strung along and pacified.

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To be frank, patriots are sitting behind keyboards and afraid to go out to speak their voices due to DOJ declaring they are terrorists and locking them up with the 600+ others from Jan 6th.

Australia has taken more action to fight the vax lockdowns and anti-freedom government then the USA has.

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2 days from now: The hard drive with the video on it disappeared... the only other person who had a backup had it encrypted on a backup device and he just died of COVID.

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Country is already lost. Its been taken over by marxists and now they are shipping in terrorists to seal the deal.

Everyone would love if Trump were to come back but while everyone is pacified as to that being 'realistic' they have given up on fighting back.

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Do what is best for you and your family. Times are tough. Unfortunately the vax is not enough to wake people up. Too many people still pacified and unwilling to fight back. Maybe people will start waking up when they are loaded into buses and shipped to camps at gun point.

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Lost has meaning, its unintentional. Using lost is the wrong word here. They secretly dispersed thousands of kids is more like it.

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