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Him saying the science is unequivocal is about as smart as the oceangate submarine testings its submarine in production with passengers without ever testing it first. Remember how that worked out?

Science is a theory that must be proven.

Lets see Musk throw out all normal standards of testing and start launching untested space craft to the moon filled with humans and tourists without ever proving they function first. Retards.

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Why are people doing this?

The cabal has everyone convinced that they will be melted from the EBS.

If you were the cabal you would trick everyone into unplugging and blocking the message about to be received.

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They have to create the fear first.

People have become immune to covid. Time for the next fearful event to get the sheeple to run off the cliff.

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Maybe this relates to all the Emergency Broadcasts that will cause people to spaz out with Marburg virus.

I wonder if this is how they plan to take Biden out of the race and slip in their next stooge.

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Advertising their kill box.

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Or realize that there will be a real and coordinated attack go down at the same time the EBS test goes out to really screw with everyone's response times.

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This is why i say this is a psyop since all the normies are involved.

We have been anticipating EBS to communicate the truth for a long time. Yet now that its coming the cabal has all the normies convinced they will be melted into zombies.

This is a cabal op to have people turn their phones off and not receive the message sent.

Keep your fn phones on.

If the cabal wanted to use some frequency to turn you into a zombie they arent going to conveniently time it so you can turn your phone off and avoid it.

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We arent armed to fight the left. We are armed for other reasons that cannot be named unless you want your dogs suicided.

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To be blunt...

If we expect a GIANT DECLASS to come through the emergency broadcast system, the evil cabal would probably try and convince the world that if they receive said message they would turn into a zombie.

Fact is this psyop is probably to protect them.

Keep your phone on for the world changing alert. If you shut your phone off your probably already a zombie and brain dead from the psyop.

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Radio and television stations are banned from playing the tone. If they play it they are fined 250K.

Also if they play it, they turn into zombies.

Also, the whole world is now dependent on following when a EBS will be tested so they can avoid it by turning off their phones. Good thing we are so smart and able to so easily defeat them by simply shutting off our phones. What a bunch of stupid leaders we have to think their whole evil agenda could be destroyed by turning off a cell phone hahahaha.

Seriously though, this whole psyop is the dumbest thing anyones ever heard. Nothing will happen, like usual. Carry on and ignore the nonsense.

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Remember last year how 8-8 was significant. All the coms related to 8-8, back to the future 88mph, Trumps 88022 text number?

Well here we have 8 red hashes on the clock and Octo in latin means 8.

'Octo'ber 10th month of the Gregorian calendars name is derived from Octo, Latin for "eight".

Buckle up... this is the real 8-8.

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All of it, stolen from we the people. No justice here. She should have been swinging a long time ago.

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Never going to happen. Millions of illegals will vote in 2024. This election will be so rigged it will be obvious. 300M people will vote. Watch.

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Oh and you have to convince all the people around you who have phones to also store them away from you.

Come on. Wake up people and stop with retarded posts.

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These FEMA tests and frequency turning people into zombie posts are soooo dumb.

If they really had the power to send a frequency out and instantly fry people... why would they have to stage it in a FEMA alert test? Why wouldnt they just flip the switch on their own timing vs concealing it in a test?

And you think if this technology is in existence, your gonna be surviving it by simply turning off your phone for a couple hours?

So freaking dumb people. Use your brains.

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You are missing it.

If internet goes down for the world... well a handul of miners can hijack the whole ledger and your coins go bye bye.

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