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How many shootings have shown up in the news in the last week? How many do you think were FFs? With Xiden trying to surrender our sovereignty to the WHO on the 22nd, how much do you want to bet they'll throw in the UN Gun Grab at the same time? I heard Dave refer to previous attempts on Friday's X22 report. If they try it, they'll try to do it under the radar, The Cabal and their Mockingbirds have put a lot of distractions in the news this last week. But I remember from several past occurrences that gun death stories in the news is always followed by gun grab attempts by our government.

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They will be mostly successful at first. Some people will resist. The stories on those who resisted will be turned around to make the story appear as though the FBI was raiding the home of a suspected anarchist, or terrorist based on information they implant. But pretty soon everyone will learn what they are up to, and massive amounts of people will go on the offensive.

This is a good hypothetical story I recommend reading that goes along these same likes. This will tell you why the cabal has to start a war in Europe. That's in the story too.

Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup