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These last few years, I would say I identify as Christian. However, with that comes the knowledge that I'm not really an example of what Christ wants me to be.

Among the shitposting and memeing, the worldly politics and mind-bending comms games, and the gradual dissipation and breaking down of an entire fake media matrix, how does everyone manage to stay uplifted?

I get hopium fixes from the usual crew we tend to listen to, but that really only covers geopolitical matrix games. It can be hard to maintain faith in one plan, let alone God's ultimate plan.

How do we navigate this in a Christian way?

Do you guys have any preachers or pastors, or biblical decoders you listen to? Any podcasts, audiobooks, videos?

I don't want to hyperfocus as much on the deceptive war games and get lost in a mental fog of war.

I guess I just get a bit terrified sometimes, that the earthly things are distracting me from really getting to a good place spiritually.

I know we all generally share similar values, and I respect the opinions of those able to see past at least some of the curtains of the show.

I guess I just wish I knew how to do more to bring Jesus into my life.

Any advice from wiser crazies than I?

Love ya, you nimble navigators.

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The things happening in the world are precisely what drives me to seek God more. Sometimes it’s hard, yes, but making a difference in our communities starts with YOU.

I looked around for a while to find a charity that is actively making a difference, or would let me volunteer to help with my spare time. After looking for a while, it was harder to find than I expected. However, churches are doing those things every day. Find yourself a good church and you’ll find people who are making a difference.

Also, I started listening to this podcast every morning - “the Bible in a Year” by Mike Schmitz. (Link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-bible-in-a-year-with-fr-mike-schmitz/id1539568321?i=1000561516193)

Join a study group or Bible study. Get involved.

We aren’t perfect. We are all going to fall short and make mistakes. But luckily Jesus has given us the chance to keep trying, as long as you are committed to being better, he’ll never stop giving you more chances. That is freeing. We have nothing to worry about in this world because Jesus made that sacrifice for us.

Good luck man, and God bless. I’ll pray for you fren.