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ilovetrump4 1 point ago +1 / -0

Exactly. And the same shenanigans further down the ticket in many locations. THAT'S one of the reasons why unwinding the ENTIRE 2020 election mess may not happen.

The presidential race - may be "fixed" because it's a "different" animal (one position, mountains of evidence and "fraud vitiates everything" or there are a number of possible routes to resolve it).

Other races - not so much because it's virtually impossible to prove what races were rigged and who "won" via rigging and who legitimately won (which means many cheaters won't be discovered/removed). And THAT is why it's SO critical to fix election laws and processes at the local level, so the next and subsequent Presidential, Congressional, state and local races can be resolved via "usual" elections and so the candidates The People elect (rather than the DS install) can effect necessary change.