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Lots of "interesting" people, organizations, events, history, etc. - both public and hidden - with national and global ties/implications associated with the area. Have a look at TrusttheTruth's comment history to get a peek at some of the area's many deep rabbit holes.

On GAW -


On all .win communities -


Some users, like into_the_continuum have made helpful summaries of their findings (much of it in response to TrusttheTruth's crumbs and questions).


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Either the WHs pulling one over on FJB to screw with him and, more importantly, to let those who were paying attention know that all was not lost and that things were not as they seemed,


just an odd coinkydink (even though it has been said that there are no coincidences)



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That may, indeed, be the driver behind MANY who seek, and are in, "positions of power".

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This is something the CRT adherents would either flatly deny or cast aside because it doesn't fit their primary narrative that all true (American) "slavery" was involuntary black servitude and, specifically, that this country was founded and built on the backs of these involuntary black slaves by white supremacists.

Note: Would appreciate a well-laid-out and documented (referenced) rebuttal to this utter horsesh-t to have on hand for future use.

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". . ., the issue with Big Tech’s information control is not the privatization of governmental functions but rather the governmentalization of private enterprise., . . ."

1984 / Ministry of Truth -- Evil. Pure evil.

Sooo much needs to be undone, sooo many wrongs righted and sooo much bs propaganda that's been taught/shoved down people's throats as historical fact needs to be exposed, proved to be false and cleansed from people's minds that it'll take years, decades or longer to fix (that is, IF it CAN ever be fixed).

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Yup, one can never REALLY know what's going on over there or why.

Interestingly, one theory of why the lockdowns were so insanely harsh was that they were/are a sort of virtue-signalling/ego-driven contest among the provincial/regional/state leaders to prove their allegiance and obedience to the Party, to "save face"/maintain honor and to show how effectively and completely they could control their citizens.

Seems "power corrupts" is a universal truth.

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Yesterday, Kari Lake talked about the situation. By Arizona law, the state has to certify the election (which we know they'll dop) before KL and team can file their court case.

Interview linked here: https://truthsocial.com/@JoePags/posts/109431092978715856

Start around 8:45 min for more about what's coming.

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Sounds about right. "The cool kids" despise (and fear) everyone else and want the playground all for themselves at all costs, even if they end up ruining everything due to their ineptitude, in-fighting and inability to see their own shortcomings because of their egos - happens in business, politics, social circles, religious organizations, almost everywhere.

She said, "This was the first chapter, and if they think that passionate Americans are done stepping up to fix this mess for their families? They have another thing coming. That next “thing” will be announced shortly."

The article was from September 2022, does anyone know what the next "thing" about which she spoke may be?

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Government, "It's not like we told you that you MUST take the jab to stop the spread, shop, dine, work, travel, go to school, generally function in society or protect grandma. We also didn't tell you to not ask questions or challenge "the science". And we never said it was safe and effective. Gees, it was EXPERIMENTAL ["EUA" means NO ONE is liable, "duh"] and there was plenty info about potential side effects - all you had to do was read the [blank] product insert, ask your healthcare provider or research it on the internet. How stupid are you? You willingly and knowingly consented to inject the stuff into your veins and you expect us to take responsibility or help you? No, no, no, no! It's YOUR fault if it harms/kills you."

Yeah, sounds about right.

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Yup. Kinda like burning the roof and the interior and exterior walls to keep the house warm rather than turning on the heater/furnace. What could possibly go wrong?

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Ramping up the fear porn to increase guilt, self-doubt, and anxiety in an effort to punish and terrorize non-compliers and, more importantly, to try to cover their evil, pathetic a-ses.

Soon many need to legally be eliminated from society.

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The sheep are, again, running to the slaughterhouse without thoroughly vetting it because it's being touted as being convenient, beneficial, efficient and the answer to their problems.

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Kemp is a controlled useful idiot - he's either bribed, bought and paid for or blackmailed (IIRC, his daughter's bf's suv was blown up) - so no one should expect anything good from him

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No surprise. Mr. "I am the science" didn't need any fr-kin' studies to show to the plebes because "science" was/is whatever he felt/feels like saying it was/is on any given day,. . ., and (equally troubling) is that NO ONE in any real position of power challenged him.

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And the locals who caused the problem by going all-in for the gibmes will whine, bitch and moan that there's no place to get clothes locally because of RAAACISM and white supremacy/privilege.

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Because they're spiritually lost and are seeking material fulfillment and gain for their empty souls and meaningless lives without care, concern or compassion for anyone other than themselves

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Yup, it puts you and the coof 6' under.

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