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Continued from Part I

Let us take our allegory back to the founding of the Fellowship, or Q team. Without the Fellowship and Q team, the worlds of Middle-Earth and Earth would have been lost to the powers of Khazaria and Mordor. Throughout history I believe there were many Councils of Elrond that met before pinitol moments in history.

I believe we had one such Council of Elrond prior to the 2016 election, and the rise of Trump in America. As we have established already, the goal of 2016 was to set up the final blow to America and Russia that would see them both mutually destroyed.

While the Dark Lord and his Khazarian minions were meeting in secret plotting these events, so too was the Q team. Q has told us many times that we are watching a movie. I believe that we have been witnessing The Lord of the Rings play out nearly beat for beat.

From the time Trump was elected President of the United States to the point when 2020 was stolen can be represented in the general plotline of The Fellowship of the Ring. After the forming of the Q team following their Council of Elrond meeting, the quest of the Fellowship (Q team) began.

Over hills and under they went on their way, seemingly all the way to the heart of Mordor to destroy the One Ring of pedophilic blackmail power. They sold this story so effectively through their initial Q postings when they made the elite of the world absolutely sure that Hillary was going to be arrested in 2017, and that mass arrests would follow.

Instead, they struck at Saudi Arabia, not unlike how Aragorn tricked Sauron into meeting him at the Black Gate with his full force while Frodo and Sam snuck through the back door of Mordor, meeting little or no resistance. Sun Tzu would have been proud!

Before the final show down at the black gates of Khazaria, we witnessed the fall of Trump during 2020 not unlike how the Fellowship lost Gandalf for a time after his battle with the Balrog of Morgoth (Dominion). After this, the Fellowship seemingly broke apart. With the Fellowship broken, the Dark Lord and his Khazarian Uruk-Hai thought they had nothing standing in their way. They initiated a full scale invasion of Rohan (America).

This is where our allegory meets with present events. President Trump and Julian Assange have both begun their return to the world stage, just as Gandalf did in The Two Towers. The Battle of Helm's Deep lay ahead of us during the 2022 mid-terms.

Recall that in The Two Towers no-one came to the aide of Rohan except the banished Patriot Riders of Rohan. Is this not how our showdown in 2022 is shaping up to go down? Are we not facing down a horde of wokism not unlike the hordes of Uruk-Hai that Saruman set upon Helm's Deep to destroy the men of the west?

Also recall what Saruman was known for in the book. He was the Wise Wizard of many colors. The man whose voice could be used to persuade nearly anyone. I believe Saruman to represent the Propaganda arm of the Khazaria. While the men of the west were embroiled in their Battle for Helm's Deep, what happened to the propaganda machine of Isengard (Twitter / Facebook / Google?) was it not destroyed in the same moment that Rohan met victory on the field of battle?

Having lived through both World Wars, Tolkien would have been well aware of the power of propaganda, and the danger it posed upon the free world. Once again we can see that it is not entirely implausible that world events were written into this series of novels for the benefit of future generations.

We are indeed witnessing the propaganda arm of Khazaria losing its grip on humanity just as Saruman's influence dwindled in The Two Towers until he was reduced to a ragged looking old man in The Return of the King.

From this vantage point in allegory we can clearly see the course that world events will likely take from here. It is highly probable that America will be freed from tyranny and the dark influence of Sauruman (propaganda) sometime either in 2022, 23, or 24. No one but the Q team can know for sure the timeline of events.

From there we can see what must occur. Just because Rohan (America) was been freed from Saruman and Sauron's grip does not mean that the war is over. We still must aide in the salvation of Gondor (Russia) as we fight the final battle of our age and march upon the Black Gate as one united humanity to see the One Ring of Power finally destroyed.

Whew! What a trip!

Is all the aforementioned allegorical comparison authentic?

Perhaps, or perhaps not. Who is really to say.

You can choose to read this as the Q team putting on one hell of a good movie based upon some of humanity's finest literature, or you can read this as Tolkien having great understanding of the dark secrets of the world and of the political movements that would occur beyond the scope of his lifetime.

Perhaps it is a bit of both, or neither.

I choose to believe that there are no coincidences!

If nothing else, I can certainly understand what inspired Kash Patel to write his children's book The Plot Against the King.


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One of the main lessons I took from Lord of the Rings was from the Battle of Helms Deep. Just like now, evil surrounds us, and to some it may seem all hope is lost. What do you do in that situation? Ride straight out into the heart of the evil and help will come.

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β€œOur help is from the Lord, Who made heaven and earth.” Psalms‬ ‭124:8‬