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Mod Initiated Discussion, this is not Dooming but coming facts.

Thread Boundaries Please: Anyone being blatantly disrespectful, not THINKING and really trying not to be constructive about what is being laid out here will have their comment/s removed. This is to be a lesson in insight, empathy, and love for what is to come. Thank you kindly Anons.

Durham’s trial moved that 1st coming suicide event ever closer Anons. It’s been called “Suicide Weekend”, but I’m afraid this event will last longer than a weekend. Weeks, months, or longer. This part is unknown. So how prepared are you? We need to discuss this civilly and think clearly with your forgiving heart.

Soon Anons, Politicians, Famous Stars and Athletes, Bureaucrats, media professionals and influencers All public and private Medical Professionals/Staff, law enforcement, and school/educational staff will begin to commit suicide. They will do so to avoid arrest, prison/jail, court cases, executions, blame, guilt, coercion, Relation To, Knows Them, Idolizes an Athlete or Star, is friends of, depressed already and sends over precipice, and thinks World is Really Ending.

Forgiving heart, why would I say this when many are waiting for a bunch of Cabal and Cabal controlled dirtbags to off themselves?

Because, it WILL affect you. Why? Because you already know someone that will be affected as the people I’ve listed kill themselves. This WILL affect Every Age Group! Think! This event will affect entire families, towns, community areas, cities, states, and entire countries WORLD WIDE. This WILL affect someone you know directly and in your immediate family. Because they will be affected by someone they know Killing Themselves in either one of these professions, or a family member.

The ones I think about most, are the elderly, parents, children, and mentally/developmentally disabled of these listed professionals. They will be the most vulnerable Without Direct Fault to kill themselves.

Imagine a wave of impulsive and severely upset children, teens, and young adults all committing suicide due to Social Media Posts, Tick-Tocks, School News, News Reports, Funerals, etc. all over media, from all over the world…. And imagine what’s left of the most high up and evil of The Cabal and Satan himself, gleefully laughing at the suicide toll. And then the Souls stollen from God…

We WILL have a flood of suicides of all ages inter-related world-wide to current and coming events. You all need to start thinking about how you are going to help focus people, focus other Anons, your family, and your community.

So what do you do Anons? You need to get up to speed on your community, area, and State Crisis Services. You need to be prepared for them also to be overwhelmed or understaffed Due To The Same THINGS EVERYONE Else Is Experiencing!! So you need to have a great many backups and a Supportive Network!!

BUT MOST IMPORTANT!: Is to be educated by what I’ve said, and not only prepare yourself, but to PREPARE EVERYONE you can AROUND YOU, that this Is Coming!

We know a “Near Death Experience” for America and the World is coming. And certainly this event alone outside all the deaths of Covid and WWIII could certainly be that breaking straw or mind for a great many people.

I am here for you Anons to help with questions and guidance, I hope. I have faith God put me on this forum for the Soul purpose to help prepare you. But Anons, I am but 1 person. So, WE as a Forum Community need to be here for Each Of Us, for Where We Go One, We Go All.

Dear God bless each and every Anon with the strength, wisdom, empathy, and love to carry this information out to all they know and touch in person, and through Social Media. We will need your light and glory to carry us all out of the darkness that will certainly come. In Christ I ask these things for all of the Patriots, and Anons here, and across the world. Amen.


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In the tiny chance that someone considering this option reads this, please don't take this route. Repent and ask for the Lord's forgiveness. Use your brilliant mind to raise up others, we need your help.