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What is this thread all about?

Just a place for general discussion. A place to unload whats on your mind and talk about anything - personal, health, help needed, achievements, daily highs and daily lows, theories, predictions and what have you.

Does not need to be Q related

In today's thread I want to take a moment and welcome all the newQs (lets make this a new word?) amongst us. For too long, seeing a comment or a post from the "handshakes" usually meant a shill or a troll coming to stir trouble. Lately I have noticed that a lot of these new users are posting insightful content.

I can only dare to dream that this is an indication of the Great Awakening hitting masses and some of them finding their way here.

If you are a newQ, feel free to introduce yourself in this thread!

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I understand now. Terraforming. That was a little scary.