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Read links in comments.

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Thank you for clarifying, I had a feeling this was going to tie into the NFT project.

I wrote this to someone else in a different thread:

The current NFT project by GameStop seems pretty tame. Gamers will likely be able to purchase digital art of their favorite characters - and in turn GameStop will be able to partner with those corporations and offer ‘exclusive’ content on their NFT marketplace. (win-win)


A Centralized NFT Marketplace as you’re proposing, runs contradictory to the philosophy of the crypto boom: Decentralization.

A NFT Marketplace created by one corporation (GME) would be adopted just as quickly as Central Bank Digital Currency (another sound-bite term that is contradictory to the actual ideas behind block-chain digital currency, tokens, etc.).

NFTs and the crypto/blockchain space remains encouraging in it’s mission & philosophy, but any financial system can be targeted by fraudsters:


Currently, GameStop’s NFT marketplace has a decent adoption rate, but still is lagging behind other NFT marketplaces.

GameStop’s NFT market performance thus far: