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It seems like we're witnessing a major shift in the stock market - Amazon ($AMZN) has reported its first quarterly loss in years, while GameStop ($GME) has surprisingly announced its first profitable quarter! It's like we're watching a David and Goliath story unfold in the world of finance.

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Sell BEFORE shorts even START to cover? lol.

It's over 500% naked shorted. Over 60% of all shares are locked OFF market by retail investors.

This is how we destroy the banking cartel AND build something far better.

GameStop = Game Over

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And no church should incorporate that way. There are other options without limitations. My church wrote the amicus brief that overturned Roe v Wade.

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Just use a topical Bible app. Or a cyclopedic index. You can bring up everything first that talks about demons and go from there

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Exactly. They are getting paid to not make fun of him.

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Seems the mods don't agree with you.

Being offended isn't a currency on this site. Try Reddit.


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I was offended first.

And there in lies the problem. You took offense et my suggesting you look into something yourself and if you had and questions AFTER that I would be glad to assist. You being offended is a YOU problem.

If you are a Christian you would not be offended. Instead you pepper your response with more profanity and insults instead of trying to have a civil discussion and showing even a bit of humility. This one will be reported too and the mods will likely remove it.

Good day.

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Wow, you sound like the kind of person who would have told people to get a Covid vaccine.

That was a rude and uncalled for personal attack that was uncivil and violates the rules of this site. Had you taken the time to look at my post history you could have EASILY concluded that not to be the case. I have literally written multiple pinned posts on how to avoid vax mandates among other things.

Meanwhile you are endorsing XRP, the same XRP that the WEF supports, the same org that promoted vaccines. The irony and hypocrisy is so thick you can cut it.

Loopring has been out for 7 years. Do you think the financial system would be based around something that hasn’t even been around for 10 years?

So you're asking if I think technology needs to age like wine to be innovative and better than something else that uses superior tech? You realize you're making a couple of logical fallacies with that right? It's just dumb. Do better.

DeFi is the answer. Being your own bank is the answer. The future doesn't need XRP since there will be no banks in the same form there are now.

You're like a guy from 1800 on a horse criticizing an airport for not having a blacksmith to put on new horseshoes before you travel, not realizing you won't be riding a horse but flying to your destination. It's beyond you experience and ability to think of and when someone mentions it your first reaction is to insult them and think THEY are the idiot when really.... it's the person in the mirror (which you also don't know of yet since they ((the modern kind)) were first made in Germany in 1835.)

Here's a post I made 8 months ago about what NFT's will be used for on L2 that goes FAR beyond what most people think / realize.

And here's a post I made showing what the establishment is fighting AGAINST but also preparing for just in case. Guess what? It's not XRP. How can you not see what the bad guys WANT is XRP and to retain control?

Have a good day handshake account. Good luck with the pride issue you are struggling with. Remember, you've been fooled before and only a fool assumes it can't happen again. Try to not respond with the Mr Smith programming next time when you encounter ideas that disrupt your matrix. It's super blue-pill behavior.

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This book was written by high ranking military officer that the government sent MIT to study this very topic. It's a very interesting read. The strategic advantages of using cryptocurrency and decentralizing the creation of money and separating it from government is massive.

You can probably find free PDF versions of this book or potentially check it out digitally from your local library.

Soon powerful people in the US government will come out and say Bitcoin is a threat to national security.

And this book will be used to crush that narrative.

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That sounds like a great thing to type into Google.

If you want to have a discussion however on things that you don't understand or still have questions about then I can done it some of my valuable time to help you out.

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What are the characteristics of money? There are six key characteristics of money, and those are:

Durability Money is relatively durable, and though it can be easily destroyed if that’s your intention, bills and coins tend to remain in circulation for several decades. What’s more, they can be easily replaced when they do become worn.

Portability No matter how you choose to carry your money — whether you stuff it inside a wallet or leave it in the bank and use a debit card to spend it — it’s easily transportable. You can take your money with you wherever you go.

Uniformity Every U.S. citizen recognizes a $1 because all of them are the same size and shape and feature a similar design. The same can be said for every other denomination of U.S. currency. This gives money uniformity and ensures there’s no confusion between buyer and seller.

Divisibility Traditional currencies can be broken down into different denominations. If you’re in the U.K., for instance, a £50 note can be split into two £20 notes and one £10 note; five £10 notes or ten £5 notes. This obviously makes transacting much easier — and helps with portability.

Acceptability One of the most important characteristics of money is that it is accepted everywhere and by everyone. No matter what you want to buy, it’s money you’ll need in most cases. And if you’re selling, you typically expect money in return. There are exceptions to this, of course — like when you swap certain goods for other goods — but that’s not common practice.

Scarcity Finally, money is in limited supply or scarce. Although new notes and coins are minted into circulation all the time, there are tight controls over how much can be in use at any one time. Governments and central banks don’t just print as much as they like. This ensures money maintains its value and goes some way toward keeping inflation under control.

What are the characteristics of Bitcoin? In the same way Bitcoin shares many of the same functions as money, it also shares many of the same characteristics. It is durable, portable, uniform, divisible, and in limited supply. The only thing Bitcoin falls behind on at the moment is acceptability. While adoption has grown significantly over the years, Bitcoin still isn’t widely accepted like money is.

Again, however, Bitcoin has some characteristics that money does not have, including decentralization, transparency, and immutability. Bitcoin is also resistant to some of the changes money is sometimes susceptible to, such as revisions to its design or the discontinuation of a certain denomination.

What are the advantages of Bitcoin over money? As you may have already picked up on by now, there are certain things that make Bitcoin superior to traditional cash. It is not only impossible to counterfeit, but its decentralized nature makes it more secure and more affordable. If you send money to a friend in another country, for instance, it will be cheaper and significantly faster to do it in Bitcoin.

Decentralization also makes Bitcoin totally transparent. Anyone can see a Bitcoin transaction on the blockchain — and even find out how much Bitcoin certain wallets are holding. However, it is not possible to see the identity of the people involved in those transactions or the owners of those wallets, which makes Bitcoin more anonymous than money.

Bitcoin is also absolutely finite in that it is impossible to replace or replicate BTC, and more difficult to lose (assuming you’re careful with it). Furthermore, Bitcoin is global in a way that no other currency has ever been before. It is available in every country, operates the same way in every country, and has the same value in every country.

What are the advantages of money over Bitcoin? Money’s biggest advantage over Bitcoin is, of course, its acceptability. No matter what you’re buying or where you’re buying it, money will be accepted. Sadly, the same cannot be said for Bitcoin just yet. Although adoption is growing and Bitcoin is accepted by some of the world’s biggest merchants, it is nowhere near as ubiquitous as traditional fiat currencies. (Other recently developed tech like LoopRing has already adopted fiat on and off ramps however which in large part solves this problem.)

I'm using bitcoin as ONE example. The advantages of blockchain tech are MASSIVE.

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Did you not understand or are you just making a strawman? Loopring and L2 doesn't USE or NEED Eth 2.0

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Is this working with Eth 2.0 which isn’t ready yet?

No, it's been working for months now. The wallet is FANTASTIC. I've been trading and staking my tokens on it a while now. Completely replaced my need for using an exchange.




Here's a post I made 8 months ago about what NFT's will be used for on L2 that goes FAR beyond what most people think / realize.

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Layer2 is where it's at. LoopRing with IMX and under GameStop / GMErica.

Fiat on and off ramps. DeFi. NFTs. Tokenized stocks and much more. Be your own bank. Instant transactions that cost pennies.

GameStop = "Game Over" in the plan.

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Yep. About 5% of lot #'s (1 in 20) are the cause of most of the deaths / hospitalizations. It's tuned in and consistently spaced out to be anything other than design.

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There are 2 views on that however.....

Post-millennialism (Biblical, historical and true)

or the lie Satan infected the modern church with about 200 years ago.... Pre-millennial dispensationalism. (The rapture which is NOT what Christians historically believed)

No one polishes brass on a sinking ship.

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There's no legislation against making them specifically if they don't fill out the name / DOB. IF they do THEN it's considered a medical record.

Fraud has very specific categories with definitions. Making facsimile of an unprotected class of document isn't illegal currently.

Using them is a different category of course. But if done right.....

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lol at 250 cards.

That's small time.

I know someone that's made over 8,000 of them. Fucking hero.

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yeah you're welcome! Honestly once you hear it explained and unpacked with what was happening historically at the time and who the audience was it makes so much more sense that the popular modern view.

The symbolism the Bible used in this area is hard to understand for us living 2000 years later but would have been clear to Jews and others living in those days.

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Here's a collection of videos. Some debates, some discussions, and some lectures on the "end times" and eschatological positions like Post-mill, All-mill, and pre-mill.

While it's not a salvific issue it will change the way you live, build, plan and fight. It's also quite encouraging.

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