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Now a precedent has been set to raid the properties of former presidents simply on suspicion of possessing public records of any kind including non-public records of significant public interest.

The regime has repeatedly proven that 45 is squeaky clean. They won’t find anything but he and we will reach energy levels never seen before.

Every prior such move of theirs resulted in improved polling for THE GOAT and this will be no different. They have always self-owned even when they rigged the election. We get stronger and they get weaker.

This is absolutely a white hat operation and I don’t necessarily mean Q, etc. I mean the darkness versus the light. The white hats are the people who see what’s going on and who will never unsee it and we are exponentially growing in number while the regime and their depopulation-poison-koolaid-injecting sheeple are dying a slow and painful death.

Granted, their lashes can and do sting and there will be many more…and they will be worse than this and like this, they will grow our power more and more.

Let the lashes pump your adrenaline. Enjoy them. Meanwhile, prepare for when the shackles come off.

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